The Imperfect Heart Quilt

The Imperfect Heart Quilt - The Little Birds Designs

Today I have a special project to share with you. A special project that I have made just for me in time for my birthday today! Today I am sharing with you a quilt I finished this week using only scraps and fabric from my stash!

My quilt on the chair - The Imperfect Heart Quilt - The Little Birds Designs

For the front of this quilt, the binding and some of the backing, I used leftover pieces from the Infinite Hearts Quilt that I made for Ashley! After making all the hearts for her quilt, I had lots of little triangles left over. Those made perfect squares! With those squares and some leftover pieces to make hearts, my front came to life!

I didn’t just use scrap fabrics but also batting. I wanted to avoid having to buy anything for this quilt so I gathered all my batting scraps and zigzag stitched them all together! With my scrappy front and batting complete, the backing came next! The backing used the last of all my Infinite Heart scraps with some fabric I bought last year and my scrappy Imperfect Heart Quilt came to life!

For the quilting stitching on this quilt, I used a long zigzag stitch. It was just enough pizazz without being a simple straight stitch! Plus the zigzag worked perfectly with the quilt blocks. I also have to point out that I sandwiched my quilt so well that the stitching lined up beautifully on the backing piecing too!

Now, why did I call this my Imperfect Heart Quilt? To have enough heart blocks, I needed to snag 1 white triangle from the squares to have enough fabric. This leftover a full pink ombre block and I knew I had to use this. At first, I thought of a pillow but I felt called to add it to the quilt.

This tiny imperfection is placed just before the 12th heart block. This imperfection is a little tribute to my incredible coach Ashley Beaudin. I first met Ashley at the Imperfect Boss Camp. It was a truly incredible experience and my last adventure away before the “panorama” started. After camp, I joined her Heart Haven membership and that changed my life. It taught me how to process my self-sabotage and get to know my inner child. I then followed her to her next program Seen.

This tiny imperfection in this quilt is my tribute to Ashley. A tribute to imperfections. to growth. To finding who I am and want to be.

My little imperfection - The Imperfect Heart Quilt - The Little Birds Designs

At first glance, you don’t see the imperfection which I love. It’s an imperfection special to me.

What I love just as much is the detail I put into the back. The back is just as beautiful as the front and makes this quilt reversible. I can cozy up with it on any side and it’s still pretty!

I am so excited to curl up in my pink chair and journal all cozy in this quilt. A quilt filled deeply with so much love.

For my maker friends, take this small reminder to make something just for you this year. We all deserve a little something special once and awhile!

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