Random Thoughts

A spark of creation can happen anytime, place, or moment. There’s no control over when these moments will happen.

These little beginnings of ideas often hit when I least expect them. In the shower, as I am falling asleep or in the middle of the day as I stare off into space.

The ones that land the hardest and strongest are often the sparks at night. My brain seems to store these ideas in tiny little vials that burst open when I close my eyes to sleep It’s where my best ideas are birthed, created, and dreamt. I just wish that these moments came when I was prepared.

Prepared with a pen in hand and notebook in front, not as I close my eyes to drift off into slumber. No, these big moments happen at night when I least expect them, but they are beautiful moments of creation.

Beautiful because my brain is finally free from expectations, free from responsibilities, and free to think, dream and create.

These tiny vials of creativity bursting inspire me to create the beautiful work that I do. They spark this joy inside of me that sometimes feels hidden. Feels lost. Feels Confused.

These moments of creation remind me that I am good, creative and joyful.

These tiny vials of creation need to be written down more. Be executed more often. Need to be fully birthed to life.

It’s happening. I am feeling it and I am going to start sharing these moments when they come to me.

Here’s to moments of creation, no matter when they hit. They are welcome. They are loved. and soon they will be shared!

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