Little Red Christmas Truck Pattern

Little Red Christmas Truck Pattern - The Little Bird Designs

Hello quilters and makers, I have an exciting new pattern for you!! In 2019 I designed this block as a Christmas gift for my sister. She is a serious lover of all things red trucks for the holidays. In my search for the perfect table topper for her, I couldn’t find a truck that not only looked like a truck but a tree that wasn’t just 3 triangles! So my Little Red Christmas Truck block was born!

Original Little Red Christmas Truck - Little Red Christmas Truck Pattern - The Little Bird Designs

After completing the original block, I made some adjustments because there were far too many pieces to join on angles for that tree!

This block does its best to create the curves of the truck and wheels without having any actual curved pieces! It’s blocked out nicely so that you can easily see where the colours go but also gives you the opportunity to make the tree as colourful and as green as you want by not limiting the number of prints you can use!

Full Little Red Christmas Truck Block - Little Red Christmas Truck Pattern - The Little Bird Designs

For my sample block, I used 2 greens but you could even do a gentle ombre to really make the tree pop!

This pattern does have quite a few pieces to it, so I would suggest it is for an intermediate to an advanced quilter who has plenty of experience with foundation paper piecing! With all these pieces, I made sure to add a detailed list of what pieces get joined together. I highly recommend adding a little marker or coloured pencil to your paper pieces as you sew so you don’t get mixed up!

My Little Red Christmas Truck is becoming a wall hanging! I am writing up the steps I do to create a simple wall hanging so keep your eyes peeled for a short and sweet tutorial this week!

Now as someone who doesn’t go too wild decorating for the holidays and a serious lover of pink, you better believe I wanted to have a pink truck version! And boy did I have fun picking out the prints for this one! Just look at those faces in the window!

Full Little Pink Truck - Little Red Christmas Truck Pattern - The Little Bird Designs

The Little Pink truck is its own pattern because the assembly is slightly different without the tree. This pretty pink block will be becoming a pillow. I will share more about that later this week!

The best part of the Little Pink Truck is that you have a lot more freedom with your colours and prints! I decided to fussy cut my pieces for the bumpers and wheel wells to keep the lines going in the same direction. I love the texture it gives!

My incredible tester Dolores from True Blue Canadian took the Little Pink Truck in a direction I didn’t even think of. She added a “road” to the bottom half of the block! How smart! With the way the block is designed, you have the option to break up your background as you see fit. With the colouring block that is included in the pattern, you could really get creative with prints and have fun with them! Dolores even suggests a tree print in the background like a forest!

Dolores' Quilt Block - A Blue Truck with a road - Little Red Christmas Truck Pattern - The Little Bird Designs

The Little Red Christmas Truck and Little Pink Truck PDF patterns are available now separately AND as a Bundle! If holidays aren’t your thing, I wanted to make sure you weren’t stuck with a Christmas tree!

The Little Truck Pattern Bundle - Little Red Christmas Truck Pattern - The Little Bird Designs

Which block is your favourite? I can’t wait to see what you make!

Happy Sewing!

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