Reposted from 07/28/2013

So I have to admit, I’ve failed at my year of crafts. I haven’t been blogging my year of crafts but I have been busily working away. Most of what I have been doing lately is custom orders which has been making me the happiest person. I may not be creating a years worth of handmade for myself but I have the happiest of clients getting exactly what they’re looking for and that makes me happier than making things for just me! It has also been hard to “force” myself to create something every week. I work better through inspiration and creative drive. I still have a huge list of things I want to make for my family and home but I’m going to let inspiration take the wheel and create for myself when I actually feel creative.

I’m going focus more on the business side of things because I have so many fun and exciting designs I want to put into action for you my clients and fans. I’ve got an enormous amount of handmade children’s items I want to make and fun accessories too!

I’ve updated my website as a first step in this journey for you. It’s now easier to find the information you need and my shop is better organized. I’ve also updated my about page so you can get to know me more! I now have a monthly newsletter and “The Little Birds Weekly” e-paper you can subscribe to! The newsletter will feature regular updates on products, sales and sometimes even coupon codes or freebies! My e-paper is full of tips and design information from my followers and those I follow on twitter! Both have awesome information and I’d love for you to subscribe to them both!

I am going to hold fun and exciting new sales, which you will find out more about tomorrow. I’m going to start sharing tutorials on some of the easier things I make. I want you to be creative too! I also have an e-book to review on sewing and dressmaking, something new for me! There will also be a few interviews on my blog and am looking have guest blog posts and even have guest pinners on Pinterest!

My goal is to get you the viewer more involved in my process and to make you as happy as possible. I’m still going to be posting regularly just more exciting abe new things from this point on.

Failure has inspired me to take the next step and let the tiny adventurous little bird in me create at will. I cannot wait to see what the future holds and hope you will continue to join me on this creative and handmade adventure!


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