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A big hello to the second last week of January! This post is a day late again but once again it’s due to a surprise birthday! This week however the surprise was an amazing cake and backpack!

For my fiancés 30th birthday I had a good friend create me this amazing guitar cake to look exactly like his guitar!


Amazing guitar cake!
How awesome is that cake? My good friend from Hello, Sugar! Custom Cupcakes put together this amazing cake for me! She did an amazing job not to mention the cake was absolutely delicious! Check out the close up details of the guitar:

Amazing detail on the body of the guitar!

Great detail on the strings and the neck of the guitar!
Check out her website and Facebook page for more information on what she does and the amazing cakes she’s created to date!
Now the cake was only half of my fiancés birthday surprise, I also created this backpack/messenger bag for him as well! He always carries a bag with him and wanted something more adult to carry! I did some searching on google and etsy for a style of bag that I liked and took it from there!

Front of bag
The main part of the bag is made from a sturdy canvas as is the straps. I lined the body of the bag in a fusible fleece so it would keep the shape but still be soft! The main flap and strap are lined with a nylon canvas fabric to withstand the pressure or the snaps/constant pull on the strap.

This bag had a few new things for me to learn when assembling! The front pockets are sewn much different than any I’ve sewn so far. I’m used to sewing zippers, doing them on th surface instead was definitely a challenge for me!

The one neat thing I found online was the amount of bags that were convertible between backpacks and messenger bags! I can’t find the link to the original bag I based this on but it was a genius idea!


Convertible strap!
With a 2 sets of loops and d-rings you can detach the strap and convert it to whichever carrying preference you have!

As with all my bags I added a zippered pocket on the inside, this one being rather large so it can hold much more.


Zippered pocket
The bag turned out just as I hoped and my fiancé loved it!

I also worked on another item this past week however the recipient hasn’t received it yet! Here’s a little teaser shot of the item that was made. Hopefully I will be able to get it to her this week !


I know this week isn’t an I Think Sew pattern as originally planned, I will be making up for that this week! I’ve chosen two patterns to work on and will share which ones later this week!
I hope everyone is enjoying their January, I’ve been taking new chances and learning new things! This week I joined Twitter, you can find me @lilbirdsdesign. I’m still learning how it all works but will be looking for people to follow and any advice is welcome! It’s a fun new adventure that I’m looking forward to!

Have a wonderful 2nd last week of January, remember the end of this week will have details of a giveaway at the end of the month!


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