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A New Year, a New Me & a New Goal!

Well folks 2015 is here and if you are anywhere in southern Ontario, it came in with a bang… or should I say freeze… there’s still ice everywhere! For me, I couldn’t wait for a new year! January happens to be an especially awesome month for me, my birthday is the 12th and my husband’s is the 17th (plus my sister and brother-in-law as well this month= lots of shopping!) It also happens to be when we do our work Christmas Party and yet again it’s a huge surprise for us all! Like everyone else on the planet, I like to set goals, plans or resolutions for the year and this year is not different! Don’t worry there’s no crazy diets/workouts about to feed your eyes 😉

This year my goal is Pinterest! Yup you heard right, Pinterest. If you are a follower of my Pinterest page you will know that I am slightly addicted… I have almost 3,000 pins… ok so maybe a little more than slightly addicted! How many pins do you actually do? I know for me, it’s not many. It’s like hoarding with an unlimited amount of space and I have got to stop!

happy new year

Over the Christmas break I made a new board titled “My Year of Pinterest” and inside this board so far is 74 pins ranging from DIY, home and food. These aren’t new pins but rather pins that have been hanging out waiting patiently to be used. My goal this year is to make it through at least these 74 pins. I’ll be blogging about it and not in the whole “Nailed it” kind of way either because I want to be different. I’m going to take someones idea and make it my own. I’ll turn sewn items into no-sew, food items into cheaper options or with what I have in my cupboard. It’s going to be an exciting year of trying new things!

But wait, there’s more!

There’s also going to be updates to my shop! I’ll be having a big birthday sale next week to help clear out all current stock, most items will be at 50% off plus a grab bag deal too, be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get the inside scoop first! Once the sale is over, the shop is going to be going in a slightly different direction! I’ll be discontinuing some items and bringing you some awesome new creations. they’ll be actual “Lines” of items to choose from and I’m even working on a fancy catalogue system for custom orders. It’s going to be pretty cool!

Of course you can’t forget That’s What She Said, I have some really awesome posts lined up for that site too. DIY, home and kids crafts will be heading that way very soon. If you haven’t checked out that awesome blog yet, make sure you do! Jenn has some pretty amazing bloggers writing for her with posts for every type of person!

What do you think of my goals for this year? Do you have pins you have just dying to be done? If so create, cook and craft right along with me or share your Pinterest fails. We are all in this pin hoarding thing together so let’s make a team effort to clean up those boards 😉

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix


  • jen cowey

    What an awesome idea! I hoard pins as well and have been trying to clean up my boards lately bit i love the idea of revisiting and finally trying some. Good luck! 😉

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