While perusing Pinterest yesterday I stumbled upon this awesome tutorial by Creative Kristi about creating a homepage icon for your sit and thought “Hm why don’t I do that!” First I was a little confused because for my blog all I had to do was upload a Favicon (that little picture that shows up beside your site name on tabs) and then it just worked. Turns out this doesn’t work the same on my BigCartel shop!

After a little tweaking, I had my shiny new image uploaded and could now save my shop to my phone so it looked like an app! If you have a BigCartel shop and want this to work-make sure that if you copy and paste the code she suggests that you change it from all CAPS or it will not work 😉

I’m sure you are wondering why this is so big? When you save a site without one of these images it shows a mini screenshot of the website instead and that just looks messy! This looks cleaner and way more professional!

Here’s the steps for you Apple users if you would like to save my shop to your device!

The Little Bird Designs Handmade Shop

Step 1: Navigate to shop.thelittlebirddesigns.com in Safari

Step 2: Click the little button to save bookmarks. Touch “Add to Home Screen”

Step 3: Rename something short like “Shop!” the whole site name won’t show.

Step 4: Once you hit save, it will automatically show you the shiny “App” logo on your home screen.

You can move it around just like normal apps but remember- it is a website so it will use cellular data if you are not on wifi 😉

Now you can check into my shop whenever you want and see any new items or even sales before they get posted. You can even do this with this blog so you can read my posts any time you want without having to type the full site name. It’s going to give me a quicker access to my shop/site for when I’m out and about. I’ll be able to show people and potential customers just what is on my site the quickest way possible!

If you do save my shop to your phone let me know. It’ll be cool to see just how many Little Birds will be floating around 😉

p.s. this will also work on Android devices based on a quick google search I did 🙂


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