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Customize Stock Photos to Fit Your Brand


Customize Stock Photos to fit Your Brand - The Little Bird Designs

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I’m sure you already know it but I am OBSESSED with Ivoryix’s stock photos. Why? They are gorgeous, versatile and easy to customize! They have membership options to choose from AND free photos sent EVERY month. I frequently get asked what programs I use and how to customize the photos to stay on brand. I’m going to share with you quick and easy ways to accomplish this!

Editing Software

When customizing, I am addicted to using Photoshop CC. I use it almost exclusively for editing stock photos. I’ve tried other methods but found it’s the fastest way to add shapes and text. It does take a little practising to figure it out but it is totally worth it. You can save images as templates and come back to them time and again for a consistent look! Photoshop also allows you to customize the final image size which not every software does!

Shape Overlays/Underlays

When adding overlays or underlays to your photos, try to stay consistent with the shapes and looks. By doing so,you are able to add them cohesively to your brands image collection. don’t forget you can also use the “colour picker” to match overlays to specific colours in your photos. I tend to choose the darkest colour and reduce the opacity by 50% to really make it pop. If you have a softer brand, choose the lightest colour and you’ll end up with a soft subtle overlay. Play around with it to see what works best with your brand!

Customize Stock Photos to Fit With Your Brand

Consistent Fonts/Texts

The easiest way to get stock photos to stay cohesive is to use your brands fonts on your overlays. It connects each element together and lets readers know you pay attention to those little details. Don’t be afraid to mix up the fonts either! I like to add one or two other fonts with my brand fonts to add a little extra interest! If you want to have a little extra fun with your fonts, check out this post about placing text “under” stock photo objects! Beware though, not all fonts work well together so test out some samples to see which combinations you like best and that are pleasing to the eye

Customize Stock Photos to Fit With Your Brand

On-Brand Stock Photos and Colours

Try to not go too wild with your colours for overlays and fonts. If you have a soft pallet, stick to soft colours. Same goes for choosing your images. Ivoryix has stylized photos, images and vectors for almost every niche so you never have to search far to find what you need. Keeping the images consistent is important in building your brand. If you are just starting out, using stock photos is an excellent way to build your brand image so that one day, when you are taking your own photos, you have an idea of what works and flows with your brand!

Customize Stock Photos to Fit With Your Brand

If you are ready to start making your own stock photos, Kayla just put together a collection of Vector images so you can truly move things around and make the images your own. Have a little fun with layer each collection and see what you come up with! Customize Stock Photos to Fit With Your Brand

I love adding stock photos to my blog posts as well as social media images. When I don’t have time to shoot photos or need a specific look, I know where to look and can always find what I need in a pinch. What tips do you have to keeping your images on-brand or do you have a favourite place to find stock photos? Let me know because I love learning new tips to grow my collection!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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