Modern Makers Market Recap -The Little Bird Designs Feature

Modern Makers Market Recap

Last weekend, we ventured to the Modern Makers Market for the first time. The last time I tried to go, it ended badly with me falling, alone, over a snowbank so this time, I dragged my husband along! We were BLOWN AWAY with the insane amount of amazing vendors and the turn out at the […] Read more…

6 Businesses to follow for Entrepreneurs! - The Little Bird Designs feature

6 Businesses to follow for Entrepreneurs!

Affiliate and referral links may be used in my posts. I only ever recommend products or services that I have used and love. As someone who works from home on multiple businesses and projects, I am often asked not only HOW I do it all but how I learned to do it all myself! I […] Read more…

5 Self Care Habits for Creatives - The Little Bird Designs

5 Self Care Habits for Creatives

As of today, I have been working from home for over 2 years. It has been an intense learning experience. Setting schedules, studio cleaning, budgeting…. It has taught me so much about working for myself and the biggest change I have had to make is MAKING TIME for self care. Forcing yourself to take some […] Read more…

PTBO Makes - CoylesCubby - The Little Bird Designs

PTBO Makes – CoylesCubby

Today on PTBO Makes, you get to meet CoylesCubby. Chantel creates incredible one of a kind children’s wear. I’m so excited for you to see her creations and get to know her a little more! Give a warm welcome to Chantel and read more about her business below! I currently live in Peterborough with my Husband and son. […] Read more…

PTBO Makes - BeadNess - The Little Bird Designs feature

PTBO Makes – Beadness

PTBO Makes is back this week and I’m featuring not only a talented maker BUT a great friend! Beadness is an incredible chainmaille and bead artist who has been a friend of mine for over 10 years! Yeah, we’ve known each other for a really long time! She’s also my booth partner for the Hand […] Read more…

3 Ways to FIGHT The Fear of Missing Out!

  It happens to the best of us, FOMO, the Fear of Missing out. You can be bustling along just find then bam, you hear someone doing something awesome or wish your now was as awesome as someone else’s middle. We’ve all been there. I’ve been there, am there and am fighting my way out! […] Read more…

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