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Goal Setting Workbook Review

Goal Setting Workbook Review - The Little Bird Designs

Back in 2019, I went to Imperfect Boss Camp hosted by Ashley Beaudin. While there, I met so many incredible businesswomen and created some incredible relationships and connections. Ashley is now my Self-Sabotage coach and while at camp, I met Mariangenlica who is now my business coach! Another beautiful soul I met was Jodi Graham, a productivity coach. There are sooooo many other incredible women that I’ve met that I promise to introduce you to soon!

After camp, Ashley kept our Facebook group open up we could keep connecting with each other. While not always active, we all jump on the chance to help each other! When Jodi asked for some folks to look over and give some of her products a try, I jumped on the chance! I chose to check out and review her Goal Setting Workbook and Habit Tracker. As someone who runs multiple businesses, I am always looking for the best way to set goals and keep track of my business habits.

Plan it out - Goal Setting Workbook Review - The Little Bird Designs

I have tried many different goal-setting courses, webinars and workbooks but the Goal Setting Workbook by Jodi has by far been the best one I have used yet and here’s why!

Jodi breaks down creating your goals into 6 steps. Each step is broken down into detailed questions to really dig deep as to why you want to build your goal and the purpose behind it. It’s so much more than just “You want to do *this* here’s how”. She gets you thinking about your values, vision and your why.

Making notes - Goal Setting Workbook Review - The Little Bird Designs

The workbook acts as a mini journal to really get your thoughts out before you even decide your goal. She also gets you thinking about how you want to feel about your goals when you reach them. It’s so much more than any workbook I have ever used!

Once you have your goal decided, the workbook goes in depth about planning your goals and how to get specific by breaking them down into manageable steps. But not only that, but she makes sure that your goals line up with the vision of your business! This was an eye-opener for me! How many times have you thought “I want to do this thing” but it really doesn’t line up with the overall vision of your business? Too many for me so this really helped me narrow it down! Plus this little bird LOVES to plan things!

Plan it out - Goal Setting Workbook Review - The Little Bird Designs

With the help of this workbook, I was able to set one goal that I have been wanting to complete for a really long time. The workbook has room to set 3 goals but I figured starting with one was a safer bet! I was able to write out all the steps I need to complete this goal so I don’t feel overwhelmed accomplishing it. But what is this goal exactly?

Quote 2 - Goal Setting Workbook Review - The Little Bird Designs

An ebook! One thing I have been wanting to write for a really long time is an ebook about zippers, specifically zippered pouches. I am often asked how I create perfect zipper ends, corners and ways to sew zippers to make them less scary! I am so excited to put this ebook together and thanks to Jodi’s Goal Setting workbook, I know exactly the steps to take to finish it! I don’t have an exact finishing date because getting supplies for sewing right now take a little longer than usual, but if you sign up HERE you’ll be the first to know when it is live!

Ebook idea - Goal Setting Workbook Review - The Little Bird Designs

I highly recommend Jodi’s Goal Setting Workbook if you are looking to set some goals! If you have an exciting goal set that you want to share, let me know in the comments! Stay tuned for my ebook launch, I can’t wait to get it out to the world finally!

P.S. While I was gifted the Goal Setting Workbook, I 100% stand by it and these opinions are my own.

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