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5 Self Care Habits for Creatives

5 Self Care Habits for Creatives - The Little Bird Designs

As of today, I have been working from home for over 2 years. It has been an intense learning experience. Setting schedules, studio cleaning, budgeting…. It has taught me so much about working for myself and the biggest change I have had to make is MAKING TIME for self care. Forcing yourself to take some “me-time” is not easy but I promise you will thank yourself for it! Here’s a round up of 5 habits for Creatives. (They’re not a bunch of cheesy things either)

Selfish Creating

Yup, I’m starting with this one! Quite often we are creating for other people. It can cause us to get in a rut and sometimes even lose that love for what we do. Every month I make myself something. Whether it’s a new bag, a mini quilt or this month, a crochet sweater, I always stop and make myself a treat. This helps you to re-ignite that love for your craft PLUS it give you a chance to use up that supply you’ve been hoarding, for me, that’s fabric! Give it a try during your next break, or lull and see just how exciting it really is!

5 Self Care Habits for Creatives - The Little Bird Designs - Creating

Working Out

Now I am not going to tell you to get up at 5 am and go for a run because frankly, the thought of that makes me want to pass out! I’m talking about finding what works for you! For me that’s Yoga. I work with my hands and almost always find myself sitting down. Yoga stretches out my muscles and helps me build strength in the muscles that don’t get used as often. So I say find what works for you and your specific needs. This isn’t a self care for becoming a huge buff person but for working out those muscles and joints that we most often overwork! And hey, if you love to get up and run at 5 am, go for it, just don’t invite me along 😉


Again, this is not meant to scare you from my list but I promise you, meditating is worth it. I use the Headspace app on my phone and let me tell you, it’s a life saver. They have all kinds of different session and even some specific to being creative. You’ll find that by stopping for 5-10 mins each day is all you need to clear your head and really tune into what you are working on. Bonus? This app has sleep sounds! I know some of you are night hawks so these are perfect for snoozing away after a late night of creating!

5 Self Care Habits for Creatives - The Little Bird Designs - Fitness

Learn Something New

Yeah, it’s self care. It doesn’t have to be something you want to sell down the road but it does need to be something new! Go try a painting, lettering or even sewing class. Get creative doing something you have never done before and I can bet it’ll spark something inside you. It will give you greater sense of self love for taking that time for yourself. I’m going to give a Succulent Plant Class a go and see how it goes. I kill all plants so here’s hoping I can keep these alive!


For me, this is massages and pedicures… well and manicures too, though I do those myself! Everyone’s version of pampering is different. Maybe yours is a nice hot bath, or a steam and sauna session. Find what works for you. We put so much pressure on ourselves to outperform in every aspect of our businesses. We often forget to take care of our bodies from the inside out. Make pampering part of your weekly or monthly routine and you’ll be feeling more well rested in no time!

5 Self Care Habits for Creatives - The Little Bird Designs - Pampering

I keep track of my self care in my planner and through my various yoga/meditation apps. As someone who struggles with anxiety, this has made a incredible difference in my businesses and how I handle each task. It hasn’t been easy to get to this point but I am so glad that I have made it this far. I cannot wait to see what more I can accomplish thanks to my self care each day!

What types of Self Care are you going to implement starting today?

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