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Photoshop Composite of Bags – A Class Review

Photoshop Composite of Bags - The Little Bird Designs

Wonder: a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable.

The feeling I have about my photo, this collection of selfish sews and this project adventure. It has me wondering just what else I am capable of creating.

This project was created following an answer to an email. Marianne from The Product Stylist was preparing her newest Skillshare class and emailed her newsletter subscribers looking for some input before she went live. I immediately emailed her back for so many reasons but the main one being that her photos are incredible and I wanted to create ones like them too! Sure enough, I was one of the lucky early viewers!

Her initial videos were incredible even if she hadn’t added all the extra info yet, I still learned so much! She walks you through every single step from set up, to lighting and my biggest takeaway, sketching! I had no idea people even did this but it CHANGED MY LIFE!

Sketch of Composite - The Little Bird Designs
Yes, I know my person is a terrible drawing but you get the idea 😉

Pre-drawing your idea before you take any photos is an amazing idea that I am now using for blog posts as well! It made my tutorial for Andrie Designs so much faster because I knew ahead of time what photos needed to be captured!

When it came to this project, it meant that I knew exactly how to photograph each accessory for my final composite! Each of these photos have had minor adjustments done in Lightroom before I sent them over to photoshop. I just want you to see what I started with so you knew how I got to the final story!

Now I’m no pro photographer, I use a Sony Cybershot Camera, not even a DSLR for my photos. It does the trick and with a little editing, I get beautiful images!

Marianne’s current class essentially ends at this point because she is creating a separate class for editing BUT I got a snippet of it in the prelaunch stage. So with that little bit from her and my basic photoshop knowledge, I sent all those photos into Photoshop to create my final image!

Once her next class launches, you will LOVE how she teaches you to combine 2 images of an object to essentially hide your hands, which is how I combined these 2 clutch images.

I’m so beyond excited, pleased and proud of myself for how my final story/image came together. I am still in awe of this collection I have made for myself so I feel like this image captures just that!

If you are looking to give something like this a go, I highly recommend taking Marianne’s class, Creative Photography: The Process Behind a Photoshop Composite. If you want a chance to win a free Premium Membership to Skillshare for a year, head over to Marianne’s website to enter! I promise you will learn so much!

Thanks again to Marianne for letting me preview her class! I cannot wait to see her editing class to improve my skills even more! If you have any more ideas of how I should create more image stories, please let me know! I see many, MANY more composites in my future!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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