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Tasty Tuesday- Unplug and Make Brownies!

Growing up on a farm meant that homemade food and desserts were a regular thing. There wasn’t a weekend that went by where we weren’t helping my Grandma make dinner, my Aunt make a apple pie or help my mom make cookies or muffins. It was just part of the routine… you always got to lick the bowl and mixer whisks yet here I am today with my now 7 year old realizing that him and I don’t do this enough… if ever! Well today that has changed!

I joined a blogging group on Feb 1st and the goal is to write a blog post every day for a month and yesterday Julie from 3 Chickens and a Boat shared her Truly Decadent Chocolate Brownies. If you know me, I was not about to pass up a chance to try a chocolaty recipe and let me tell you, these things are serious in the chocolate department! I also decided (as per request of my co-worker) to make the pretzels I posted about a few weeks ago! Little Homemaker at her finest tonight I was 😉

So off Little Man and I went to get the supplies needed after school!

LM-“What are we making mom?”

Me- “Brownies and Pretzels!”

LM- “What are brownies? I don’t think I like them… well I have never tried them”

That was my first moment when I realized I don’t bake enough! He helped pick out all the supplies and his eyes lit up for the Cocoa, pure chocolate and he was happy about it and warming up to this whole brownie idea! Once after school snack was done I set myself to show this kid brownies in all their glory! *side note- he has had “brownie” flavoured school snacks just not real fresh brownies!*

Here’s the thing about me and baking- I make a mess, a HUGE mess when I bake and what makes it even worse? I do not own any fancy mixer of any kind…. If you are making these brownies I suggest you have one. Between the kneading of the pretzel dough and the mixing of the brownie mix, I think my arms have gotten all the workout they need today!

Into the oven the brownies go and I think I can totally make this icing without a mixer-WRONG 😉 It doesn’t work so I get out our super cheap $15 hand mixer and get to work…. This thing has 2 settings FAST and even FASTER! The result:

homemade brownie icing

Chocolate everywhere… my hands, my shirt, the walls and even under the cabinets… I made a mess! Here is the part that really made it for me: I called little man in and offered one of the mixer whisks to him and with a confused and unsure voice he said “Sure” and that was it… I knew right there I need to “unplug” and bake brownies or cookies or whatever else with him because he had no idea that this was so exciting! So for the next 40 mins he was running in to check on these delicious brownies he was now so excited to try!

Home Made Brownies

The icing melts amazingly onto them and gives it a delicious creamy look! While the brownies cooled we finished baking the pretzels, this time with less salt!

The Little Bird and Little Man

As it turns out, Little Man loves homemade brownies! As for me… I learned that shutting off all that tech and getting a little “dirty” in the kitchen with him will make more memories than hanging out on the couch with him! Now who wants to clean up this brownie mess 😉

Next week he says we are making cookies, from scratch, with the Chip-its he saw today at the store! Sounds like a great plan to me!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix


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