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Tasty Tuesday- Super Yummy Pinterest Pretzels

Seeing as this year is my “Year of Pinterest Pins” I decided this weeks Tasty Tuesday post would be a pin I have been just dying to try out: Homemade Pretzels!

I got the recipe from Layers Of Happiness (Their site is currently down but you can see all the ingredients needed in this PIN! If you have any questions while their site is down feel free to comment below!) I have had this recipe pinned for a while and have been extremely terrified to try it… I don’t bake let alone make any form of bread! While I was putting together my “Year of Pinterest” board I decided I was finally going to try it out. So while we were out grocery shopping I picked up the two items we certainly did not have at home: bread flour and instant yeast!

Something I learned while making these pretzels: kneading dough is not an easy task! That takes some serious upper arm/shoulder strength and is quite the work out! The recipe recommends kneading for about 2 mins or so but I did a little longer just to be sure it was all mixed in. I also did not have any dried onion in our spice rack so I improvised with a leek and onion soup mix that had not only the onions and leeks but garlic & parsley. It gave a little extra boost!

Rolling out the dough into thin”snakes” proved to be a little harder than expected so I left them a little plump…. beware just how plump you make them because these certainly grow!

homemade salted herb and cheese pretzel

Before going into the oven

Cooking homemade pretzels

Plumping quite nicely and this isn’t even done yet. (This is also the second batch that was SMALLER!)

As you can see they fluff up really nicely! Oh and heads up… take it easy on the sea salt 😉 I over did it and little man and I drank a lot of juice during dinner because of it!

Gorgeous fresh homemade pretzelsThe pretzels turned out just gorgeous and so super crunchy. It was so amazing to watch the melted butter just brown up the outside! I did two batches: one with the cheese and herbs then another just plain for my little picky guy.

Herb and Cheese and Plain homemade pretzels

Left: Plain Right: Herb & Cheese

Once I had them made I decided I should probably pair it with something healthy for dinner… these were going to be filling so I wanted something a little lighter to go with it. Enter my new adventure: Spinach… this time I cooked it according to this PIN. Some of you might like it but I found the lemon juice to be too over powering! Oh well, next time right 😉

Healthy meal with homemade chicken, pretzel and spinachAside from my failed attempt at spinach, (which really wasn’t a fail just a not so nice taste) dinner was a huge hit! Everyone in the house loved the pretzels, even my little guy who is picky about breads/buns! I’d say a successful first Pin week!

Have you ever made pretzels or any type of bread? I would love to hear how it turned out or if you have any recipes to share!



Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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