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Tasty Tuesday- Little Lettuce Wraps!

This weeks Tasty Tuesday is more of what we ate/how I made it versus an actual recipe because the weather is crazy humid and I didn’t want to actually cook! Also we have a ridiculous amount of lettuce in our garden that I want to use up! This super easy meal can be made vegetarian/vegan friendly and even gluten free depending on what you top it with! Feel free to take this chance to use up that leftover roast, burger or chicken you’ve got in that fridge and make something super tasty!

What you need:

Leaf lettuce, the bigger the leaf the better! It will work with iceberg but it will be much messier!

Assorted veggies- I used tomatoes and cucumbers because that’s what I had leftover

Cheese-optional of course but we are serious cheese people!

Saucy toppings- I used Tzatziki dip and a Sundried Tomato & Oregano salad dressing but use what you have on hand! (the healthier the sauce, the healthier the meal!)

Leftover meat- fresh cooked is good too 😉 I used leftover porck chops cut into strips!

Chop your veggies into strips. This will make it much easier to manage your wraps rather than everything falling out! Here’s a trick how I cut tomatoes into strips quickly and mess free!

Easy sliced tomatoes

First slice vertical lines on the top of your tomato in about 1cm. You then slice like you would for a full slice on now you have little strips!

Wrap toppings

All your toppings ready to go!

Next comes the fun part! Lay your lettuce on your plate and start topping it! I started with the Tzatziki dip along the center to anchor all the toppings. The layer the rest of your veggies and meat followed by your dressing of choice (or whatever sauce!) Then comes the hard part, wrapping it up! Very carefully wrap in the edges and “pin” them down with some toothpicks. My one wouldn’t wrap so it was EXTRA messy to eat but still delicious!

Homemade Lettuce wraps


These were probably the greatest wraps I have eaten in a long time likely because it’s rewarding eaten something so fresh and home grown! Lettuce wraps would also be great for a school or work lunch and there’s no worry that your sauce/dressing is going to make your flat-bread soggy. For kids lunches you could send it all separately and they could build it themselves, making it more fun and exciting for them!

We still have so many other veggies and herbs growing in our garden and you can’t forget our huge apple trees too! Next week I’m going to share with you a recipe using our little hot peppers that are finally ready to pick! As always, let me know if you give this weeks Tasty Tuesday a try! In this heat, a cool & crunchy lettuce wrap would make the perfect meal 🙂

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix


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