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Tasty Tuesday- Homemade Crunchy Chicken

It’s been a little while since I did a Tasty Tuesday post so I thought I would take the opportunity today to do a homemade meal from scratch! This week I used my Barbecue sauce recipe and a homemade chicken crunch! The only thing I had to buy for today’s meal was a couple of the Barbecue sauce ingredients because I needed a new batch. For the BBQ sauce I made today I added some Tabasco sauce for extra kick and it certainly did the job!

Here is your ingredient list for today!

Chicken-any kind you like crunchy!

Barbecue sauce-use my recipe if you want to customize your flavour

Crackers-any kind will work so play with flavours and kinds!

Your favourite seasonings-may not be needed if you have a flavoured cracker. We love Clubhouse Vegetable seasoning!

Easy Homemade chicken crunch with crackers and Clubhouse seasoning

First you want to gather your cracker flavours and seasoning. I didn’t have any bread crumbs on hand so I just used up the last of these crackers to make my chicken crunchy. Turns out crackers are EXCELLENT at making a crunch! Toss a couple handfuls in to a blender and chop it up until it is smooth and most big chunks are gone. Add seasoning here as well if desired. No blender? no problem! Put your crackers into a zip top baggie and squish it with the bottom of a cup/mug until you have that powdery look!

Homemade chicken crunch and homemade barbecue sauce Homemade crunchy chicken ready for the oven!

Next up you want to put your Barbecue sauce into a bowl along side your new crunch. Coat your chicken in the BBQ sauce then put it into the crunch and coat well. The BBQ sauce will hold the crunch to the chicken quite well. It makes an excellent flavour rather than using water/oil/eggs! You then want to cover and bake until cooked through. I did mine at 425F for about 30 mins but all ovens vary so be sure to make sure your chicken is cooked through!

Favourite clubhouse seasoning

For today’s side, I chopped up some potato wedges , green onions, garlic, green peppers and bacon then tossed it in olive oil with that seasoning once again and baked until soft and tasty!

Homemade crunchy chicken

To my surprise my cracker experiment worked beautifully and made the crunchiest of skin. Using the Peppercorn crackers made the chicken have a little kick to it so take that into account when you choose your crackers!

I’d love to hear you experiment with this recipe and see what kinds of Crunchy Chicken you can come up with. Using what you’ve got hiding in the cupboards can really open up a world of new dinners!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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