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Tasty Tuesday- Easy Homemade Baked Potato Soup!

Every Tuesday I have to come up with a meal for just Little Man and I because my husband is at work. Usually hubby and I cook together to make dinner so on Tuesdays I find it hard to be inspired to cook something that’s not only good but easy too! So this is where Tasty Tuesday’s come in!

Every week I am going to come up with meals that are quick, kid friendly and easy to make with stuff most people have in their cupboards. No need to grocery shop, just improvise because that’s what I do!


This week is an Easy Potato Soup that tastes like a creamy baked potato! I’ll share substitutes to ingredients below at the end 🙂

Ingredients you need:

A handful of large potatoes. I used about 6 medium sized white ones.

1 stock of celery

2 green onions

bacon *optional

dash of salt, poultry seasoning and garlic (feel free to add more to get a stronger broth like taste!)

4 cups of water (or a broth of your liking, enough to cover the potatoes!)

a dollop of sour cream

Olive oil


Step 1: Chop up your potatoes. Feel free to leave the skin on for that real baked potato taste! Put them into your pot.

Chopped Potatos


Step 2: Chop up your onions and celery. Feel free to use more if you want a stronger onion taste. Once chopped lightly brown them in a small amount of oil (whichever type you like!) and your salt and herbs.

Chopped celery and green onions

Step 3: Once your veggies are brown and limp add them to the potatoes and put your 4 cups of water into the pot and bring to a boil.


This next step is optional: Crisp up your bacon! Use how ever much you like. I used about 5/6 slices but it just depends on how much you like bacon, and we like it a lot! Make sure it gets nice and crispy because it will soften in the soup! Once crisp add it to your boiling veggies.

Cook your soup until the potatoes are fork tender. Next what you decide to do is up to the type of soup you like! We like a creamy soup so scoop out about 1 cup of the liquid, reserve and add your dollop of sour cream. Using a hand blender, carefully blend your soup to a nice creamy consistency. If you find it is too thick use that reserved water to thin it out a little bit! My sister makes her potato soup and leaves it chunky so its entirely up to you!

Next step: Garnish before serving! I like to add sour cream, cheese and some chopped bacon!

Garnished Soup

Please ignore the chopped cheese, with my pinched nerve, grating the cheese wasn’t an option!

Little Man liked his with sour cream, bacon and Parmesan cheese (he puts Parmesan cheese on everything!)

Little Mans Potato Soup

And even though my husband isn’t home I know what he will put on top: Ketchup! He does it with every potato soup I make!

This can make a great side or a full meal depending on how much you like to eat it! We usually have it as a full meal because we are serious potato lovers.



Water: usually I use chicken broth for better flavour but I didn’t have any on hand. Be sure to add the spices and celery to get some of that flavour in! Other vegan broth options would be great too!

White Potatoes: Feel free to use any kind you like! Yukon (yellow flesh) have a delicious flavour in soups!

Sour Cream: whole milk or milk substitutes. This is just added to thicken the soup and give that baked potato flavour

Poultry Seasoning: This was just added to get that chicken broth flavour! Feel free to use Sage instead!

Bacon: I used pork bacon but turkey and chicken bacon work to and I am sure vegetarian options would work well as long as it crisps nicely!

Cheese: feel free to use any garnish you would normally put on a baked potato! Cheese is NOT a must but we do like the flavour it gives.


The only thing I will change next time is using a broth instead! There just wasn’t the flavour I was looking for even if it was super tasty! You could also chop up other veggies like carrots, broccoli or cauliflower for added colour and flavour!


If you try out this recipe I would love to hear what you think! Keep in mind I’m no chef, just a mom trying to make quick easy meals 😉

Stay tuned for next weeks cooking adventure, I’m thinking pasta or grilled sandwiches! Thanks for reading!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix


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