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PTBO Makes – Green Leaf Baby

PTBO Makes - Green Leaf Baby - The Little Bird Designs

Kicking off PTBO Makes is a talented maker and sewist, Leah of Green Leaf Baby. I met this lovely lady at a craft show many years ago and love where she has taken her business. Leah was born and raised in Peterborough ON and lives in East City with two gorgeous little girls and her husband Mike.

I love Peterborough and its vibrant artistic scene. If I’m not doing something creative I feel like I’m wasting time!

If you have little ones, a love for books or enjoy geeky things, read on to learn more about Green Leaf Baby.

PTBO Makes - Green Leaf Baby - The Little Bird Designs

Look at those gorgeous eyes rocking one of Momma’s bibs!

What inspired you to start Green Leaf Baby and what products do you make?

I make stylish, practical and geeky gear for babies, mamas and bookworms. My girls inspired me to start my business… I couldn’t find the perfect prints for accessories for my babies, so I thought I’d make my own!

PTBO Makes - Green Leaf Baby - The Little Bird Designs

Soft and cozy taggie blankets that your little one will love!

When did you learn your craft?

My nana taught me some sewing when I was a teenager, but I let it drop until my older daughter was about 6 months old. I decided I wanted to do something productive and creative with my maternity leave, so I bought a super basic sewing machine and re-taught myself. Since then I’ve gotten WAY better and upgraded my lil’ old Brother machine to a much nicer model.

PTBO Makes - Green Leaf Baby - The Little Bird Designs

A peek into sewing studio life. The calm before the storm!

What is your favourite thing to make?

My most favourite thing to make lately are book sleeves. Specifically the Harry Potter print ones. They make up so quickly and they’re so practical! Anybody who reads on the go should have one.

PTBO Makes - Green Leaf Baby - The Little Bird Designs

Keep your Harry Potter Series safe inside!

PTBO Makes - Green Leaf Baby - The Little Bird Designs

Just look at that cushy lining!

What is one thing you would love to learn? 

I would REALLY love to learn to paint with watercolours. I recently got a beginner’s kit and I can’t wait to crack it open!

PTBO Makes - Green Leaf Baby - The Little Bird Designs

A bright and colourful “before” look. So many possibilities!

Tell us a random fact that most people don’t know about you.

I’m allergic to alcohol. I substitute with chocolate 😉

PTBO Makes - Green Leaf Baby - The Little Bird Designs

A little bit of fun for the not-so geeky type!

How adorable are Leah’s creations? Those book sleeves will certainly keep your current read safe inside!

Like most makers, Leah loves sharing behind the scenes photos and videos on Instagram. I love to see the work that goes into each item, especially those taggie blankets! Just look at all those ribbons!

Green Leaf Baby ships worldwide but if you’re in Peterborough, she offers local pickup, just use PTBOLOVE at checkout! If you want to see some of her creations in person, find her at The Quilters Bolt in Millbrook ON.

You can find Leah all over the web:


Thank you Leah for letting us see a little snippet into your business. I can’t wait to see what geeky things you come up with next!

Want to know who the next maker is? Here’s a hint: she makes stylish vintage inspired creations for babes and Momma’s and has a serious love for feathered friends. Any guesses?

If you’re a maker in or around Peterborough, Ontario and want to be featured, fill out this FORM and I will do my best to be in touch! Be sure to tag your photos on Instagram with #PTBOMakes and #MadeInPTBO so I can see your local makes! (Check out my profile while you are there!)

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