With Great Beard comes Great Responsibility

Three weeks ago I had this idea so I searched… and I searched and I searched some more! Turns out mustaches are popular and everywhere but beards? Where are our Lumberjack lovers? Etsy is filled with lotions, oils and beard care products but not much, if anything, covered in beards! I really wanted to fix that so enter in my latest crafty craze/obsession- stamp carving! I had my wonderful husband (who literally is a Lumberjack-his family owns a sawmill!) draw me up a beard and I set off to carving this fuzzy face!

beard stamp

I immediately fell in love with this beard and everything about it! The scruffy lines came out so crisp and clean and conveniently the ink pad that came in my little stamp carving kit, could be used on fabric! You know what that means? Beards, beards and more beards on a textile I love to work with!

beard stamp fabricI’m still learning how to stamp without the chalk lines to keep it straight so you can still see some blue lines even though this panel of fabric has been washed! Aren’t those beards wonderful 😉

So I had the fabric… then what was I supposed to do with it? Well this is where some shiny gold vinyl and an overpriced zipper come into play! I introduce to you: The Beard Clutch!

Hand Stamped Beard Clutch handmade in Peterborough

I am beyond in love with this thing! The gold vinyl is so soft and pliable and looks great next to the crisp white and bright red beards! Even that little vinyl strap was handmade by me!

Hand Stamped Beard Clutch handmade in Peterborough Hand Stamped Beard Clutch handmade in Peterborough

This gorgeous gold zipper is what is making this clutch mine…. that thing cost me $10 for ONE ZIPPER! Never have I paid so much for a zipper, no matter how pretty but still I love it! I stitched my pretty little bird logo onto the inner fabric so not to take away from the beardness outside 😉

Can you believe it? All mustaches everywhere and no beards…. well not anymore! I plan on making many more of these fuzzy man face clutches because the world needs more lumberjacks! Do you think you could rock this Beard Clutch on a night out on the town?

P.S. there are some pretty cool “stamp things” coming soon…. I don’t want to give away any details yet but trust me, it won’t be even a slight disappointment 😀

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix

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