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The Vinyl Bottom Clutch

Handmade vinyl and leather bottom clutches with handmade removable straps

If you loved the Beard Clutch chances are you are going to love the Vinyl Bottom Clutch too! After making my stmap and cuistom fabric I wanted to make some clutches in regular fabric and what really sparked it was the blue vinyl I got for a steal! As soon as I had it in my hands (I bought all that was left!) I knew I wanted it to go with some peacock fabric and this was the closest I could get.

Handmade vinyl bottom clutch with handmade removable straps

This vinyl is thick so it gave me a little grief but I am so pleased with it! The removable strap is handmade out of vinyl too so that everything matches. The way I have sewn the zipper with the vinyl tabs means this guy lays nice and flat! All of these new clutches will come with the gold zippers because I like that little something extra it gives!

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that we took a trip out to Whetung Ojibwa Crafts and Art Gallery and I bought some leather and other goodies. I am taking a Craftsy course soon on leather bag design and wanted to be prepared.

Handmade leather bottom clutch with handmade removable straps

The bottom of this clutch is made from leather that was already pieced together and has a soft suede texture to it. It was only a small scrap so the strap on this one is made in a coordinating leather.

I have so many different colours of vinyl and leather to start making these clutches. They are perfect for a night out on the town or for when you don’t want to carry your huge purse with you 😉

That concludes my product launches for new designs, are you excited? I am! All of the new items will be up on my website by next Friday for you to purchase. If you want to be the first to find out, sign up for my newsletter at the side or bottom today!

*It is really important to me to purchase humanely resourced leather and because of this I will be purchasing it locally at Whetungs where I know that the whole animal is being appreciated and not just harmed for the leather. These items will be marked “Made with Leather” so please make sure you read the descriptions when you order!*

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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