The Necessary Clutch Wallet Family

Necessary Clutch Wallet family handmade in peterborough

If you have been following along on Instagram and Facebook, you will know that I have been up to some things! I have been designing new patterns and trying out new ones I bought! One of my favourite patterns so far is the Necessary Clutch Wallet by Emmaline Bags! This wallet will literally hold everything you could stuff in your wallet (seriously because I have mine stuffed to the brim!) I made myself one for my birthday last month and seriously loved it so thought I would pass that onto you!

Necessary Clutch Wallet handmade in peterboroughNecessary Clutch Wallet handmade in Peterbrough

The full size wallet has 12 card slots, a zippered pocket and plenty of room in between! My favourite part is the twist lock closure. It keeps everything safe inside and will even fit your phone, bigger phones too! I can customize these beauties in any colour and fabrics too! I also wanted to try out the mini version I had seen made by other handmade businesses so I gave it a go too!

Necessary Clutch Wallet handmade in Peterborough Necessary Clutch Wallet

Now this guy needs a little tweeking! Right now it has 6 card slots and the same zippered pocket and divider as the fully size but the card slots came out bigger that I had expected. Not a worry though… the next ones will have the cards standing upright rather than the traditional way so you will be able to carry many more! So because this one didn’t come out the way I wanted, I ran to Pinterest and found this Pin that is very similar to the Necessary Clutch and modified it to add the card slots!

Accordion wallet handmade in Peterborough Teeny accordion wallet handmade in Peterborough Teeny accordion wallet handmade in Peterborough Teeny accordion wallet handmade in Peterborough

This little guy is just teeny but oh so roomy, it fits in the palm of my hand! It will hold at least 3 cards (more if you double up) and has 2 open spots that are covered by an extra flap! I love how teeny and cute this one turned out and cannot wait to make more! Oh and did you notice, all of these are made with Ikea fabric that is super durable!

So what do you think of these wallets? I will be launching them in my shop very soon and some will be heading to a local shop! I am so pleased with them and cannot wait to make more. Got a colour combo you would like to see made? Leave me a comment below so I can hear what you are hoping to see next!


Oh and big news… there’s more new goodies coming this week. Far too many to fit into one post so if you don’t want to miss out be sure to subscribe to my blog at the sidebar 😀

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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