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The Kaitlin Clutch- My New Handmade Purse!

Kaitlin Clutch

My New Kaitlin Clutch Purse

Quite often I get easily bored with the bag I am carrying or I find pretty fabric that I am just dying to cut into and I just NEED to make a new bag. This was the case when I cam across this beautiful fabric at Fabricland on Tuesday. This pretty blue and white fabric is a soft but durable canvas with the prettiest design on it. Added bonus? Its the EXACT same colours as both my business cards and tags, talk about meant to be! I bought all that was left on the bolt which was just over 2 metres and came home in search of the perfect pattern!

After about 2 days of browsing on I think Sew’s website I narrowed it down to about 5 patterns. I  know I have enough patterns and my own designs but I wanted something different this time! Finally after showing my husband my choices I went with the Kaitlin Clutch. Now based on the pictures the bag “looked” smaller but actually it is quite roomy. As you all know I LOVE her patterns and her website so this pattern was no different! Clear instructions and within a couple hours I had a shiny new purse!




See how amazing the colours match my tag! I was so excited at how awesome the two looked together! This was also my next attempt at a vinyl strap. this time without the ring attached so I had to sew it a little differently. The backside of this vinyl is a soft flannel so it slid around a lot while sewing which caused my lines to not be spaced so evenly but I love the bright white strap! This vinyl was also a great find! Regularly priced at $39/metre this stuff was in the remnants bin and I got half a metre for $4 because it was slightly dirty! Plus its faux alligator and I could pass up the chance to get such a cool faux design!



The hardest part of the whole bag was the white accent around the flap! The fabric I chose was probably not the greatest because it was so slippery but it turned out OK…. Circles/curves and I also don’t get along so the flap took longer than the rest of the bag 😉



Love these girly pleats too! Just adds that little bit extra to the bag. Also conveniently the pattern lines up quite nicely even with the pleats which makes me pretty happy!



My lining fabric was a remnant find by Husband AKA fabric-enabler 😉 The colours went so beautifully I had to use it. Sometimes when I make things I’m accidentally OCD when I line things up and it happened on this bag too! Its hard to tell but the inside of the pocket is perfectly lined up matching the colours and lines…. I didn’t even realize it when I cut that square out but it works for me!

I’m so happy with my new bag and as planned it’s much smaller than my other bags I was carrying, the Piper and Whitney bags, so I am forced to carry just necessities in it! Hopefully I can keep it this way so I can carry this purse all summer!

If you love this bag and want one of your own send me a message any time and we can work up a custom one just for you! Also be sure to follow me on Instagram to see firsthand when I create new things along with the fabric and fun things I find!

What do you think of this bag? Would you switch out your big bag for a smaller one? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear how you downsize your purses or bags!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix


  • Kathy Hope

    Love it….also see a Ritzy Rust creation there……was so excited to see that it was in the picture!!!

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