The “Stay Open” Laundry Hamper!

I’m so excited to share the Stay Open Laundry Hamper with you because this project took me FOREVER to complete!

A little while ago, Emmaline Bags got in these fancy curved frames and when Kate at The Quilters Bolt made a shop order, I knew I had to have them! What for? I had no idea! Originally I set out to make a bag pattern and well, that ended horribly:

Sad Bag by The Little Bird Designs

Poor sad bag was not the worst but the frames would NOT GO IN! So I gave up!

That was until I started browsing Pinterest. Our little dude needed a laundry hamper and while I loved the ones that use an embroidery hoop to keep them open, I knew that the wooden hoop wouldn’t last long. Out of no where, it hit me, these frames would be perfect! So after thinking about it, I rushed to my studio, pulled some fabric and in under an hour, little dude had his very own Stay Open Laundry Hamper!

The first one worked EXACTLY as I hoped, it just had a few things to tweak. I rushed to show Janelle and she was thrilled so I set out to make the pattern/tutorial for them!


The pattern for the Stay Open Laundry Hamper is easily adjusted to make the straps longer or the bag taller/shorter. I’ve also included a pattern piece for the base because I know drawing curves/circles can be a pain!

Stay Open Laundry Hamper by The Little Bird Designs

You could even make this out of a sturdy canvas and it would make the perfect knitting/crochet project bag!

Stay Open Laundry Hamper by The Little Bird Designs

I made two, one for dark’s the other for lights! Oh, the best part? The frames can be removed so the bag itself can be washed! This bag really can do it all!

Stay Open Laundry Hamper by The Little Bird Designs

If you’re looking for a last minute gift or the perfect gift for the college/university students in your life, head over to the Emmaline Bags blog and get the tutorial today!

The Stay Open Laundry Hamper Tutorial

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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