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A few years ago I was given the tools to try out needle felting and as much I was fascinated by it I could not grasp it! This was until I went to the Creativ Festival and met Wendo now I think I am addicted!

I would like to introduce you to Winston my new Teacup Teddy Bear! Winston is a whopping 4.5 inches tall seated and the cutest little bear! This is the first time I have ever made anything besides a ball with needle felting and I even amazed myself when I finished him! He is a gorgeous blue/purple wool with bright orange/yellow features. He was relatively easy to work up and I was able to finish him in just a few hours! He fits perfectly into my favourite Davids Tea cup and is our new little friend!

Check out the photos below to see his features close up! Keep in mind his head is just over 1.5 inches long so those eyes are teeny tiny!

Check out those little ears, tiny eyes and cute little nose!

Full body shot of Mr. Winston

Showing off his toes!

Darling little fluff of a tail!


I am pretty happy with how he came together. Just a couple of sausage and ball shapes and a little barbed needle is all it took to make him! A few things I still need to learn is how to give him a mouth and make him a little less floppy! With how teeny he came out I did not want to mess up his cute little head! I cannot wait to make more of these little guys as my son wants to steal this one!I may have found a new craft to do (because i need another right 😉 ) Want to learn how to needle felt too? Check out YouTube andPinterest for all kinds of videos, tutorials and tips! There are many different ways to turn a little fluff of wool into something amazing! If you give it a go, I would love to see what you make!

What do you think of my little Teacup Teddy Bear? He may have to come on some adventures with us and explore the world! He’s far to cute to just keep in one spot!


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