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It’s week 7 of my journey of crafts and also a long weekend here. I’ve had a pretty busy week getting my craft station organized and finding all my patterns and designs. I decided to organize my main stash of fabrics by colour and found a few new patterns designs that haven’t even been used yet. I also created a design for some fabric bins to store my fabric more neatly however did not have time to finish them this week!

My other adventure this week was designing a yoga bag! Over the last year and a half I have gotten into doing yoga. I have a pretty good collection of DVDs and have been slowly adding to my yoga equipment. So far I have a yoga mat, Pilates ball and a yoga band, with many more things I would love to have! All of the equipment is green and bright just the way I like it! Now I don’t  go anywhere to do yoga just yet because my confidence is just not there but here’s the downside to doing yoga at home: Cats, 2 of them to be exact. These lovely little creatures love to scratch at my yoga mat when I’m working out or even when the mat is rolled up! This is why I needed a yoga bag, storage and to keep the mat in one piece!


Check out that fabric! It matches perfectly with the colours of my equipment  I sent my fiance to get fabric this week and new right away this was the fabric I wanted. It’s so bright, colourful and me! I added an elastic topped pocket on the front that could hold a water bottle or wallet and rather than putting a drawstring on the  top I did an elastic as well to make it quick and easy to get the mat in or out of the bag!


All packed up with yoga mat and strap!

Back of bag and strap
The bag isn’t lined but the inside is professionally finished as this canvas fabric frays very, very quickly! The strap is fully adjustable and because I over estimated how wide the mat was rolled up, the bag is wide enough you could even throw your workout clothes in it!

Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I got pretty lucky with the strap I had on hand, it turned out to be the perfect match of green! Next time I think I will make it a little less wide and maybe a thicker/wider strap for carrying.

Quick reminder:  Tomorrow is the last day to enter the giveaway for a free handmade bag! It’s open worldwide and closes tomorrow at 8PM EST so be sure to enter 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and tries at least one thing crafty! I know I will be crafting any chance I can get!

Happy Saturday 🙂



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