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Rewind- Week 17- A Crafty 6th Birthday Party

Reposted from 04/28/2013
Happy last weekend in April! I hope you all have been enjoying the beginning of spring, even if it has taken forever to arrive! We had our first really nice and warm day today, so nice in fact, I got a sunburn. Silly bride I am, one week before our wedding and my arms and chest are burnt :/ Thankfully I have a whole week to repair this with self tanner so I’m not covered with funny tan lines for photos!

Today, as most of you know, we celebrated my sons 6th birthday with a party with some of his friends. It was our first time hosting at our¬†place¬†instead of spending tons of money on a party. Thankfully¬†because¬†the weather was so nice we spent the entire 3 hours outside and is why I am burnt! We didn’t really have a theme for the party however I think it is safe to say there was some definite Angry Birds theme being floated around! We tried to make everything from scratch to save on money and I only spent maybe $10 on all the little trinkets for the loot bags.

For our party goers I had planned on making a pinata earlier on in the week however in true procrastinator style I left it until last night to make! Here is the beautiful Angry Birds pinata in its final stages prior to destruction!




After two layers of paper mache (one layer applied at 8:30 this morning!) and a layer of paint, our Angry Bird was finished! I’m pretty happy with how this little guy turned out. I didn’t spend a crazy amount of time on details as I knew it was going to be¬†destroyed¬†by the boys! Now anyone who plans of making a pinata, I highly¬†recommend¬†making it in advance. This thing was dry or dry as I thought but would not break… at all. Now it could have been the soft bat I suggested we use but it really would not break! So what do you do when a pinata keeps falling but¬†doesn’t¬†break? You let 5 crazed little boys rip it to pieces!
As you can see all that the bat did was dent this thing! I couldn’t get a photo of them destroying it because it went really fast and was pretty scary ūüėČ They thought it was fun ripping it to shreds so it wasn’t a total loss!

The next addition to our party was supposed to be “Pin the nose on the¬†Minion¬†Pig” which would have been a lot of fun until my fiance painted the canvas way too nice for me to let them destroy it! Some of you may know that my fiance is an awesome painter. Our whole house is covered in his paintings in every room so when he said he was going to paint this pig, I had full faith it was going to turn out awesome! To add to our procrastination, the pig was painted last night as well! (See, we make a great pair ūüėČ )


King Pig Painted canvas by Cole
As you can see, this thing turned out awesome! There was no chance I was going to let the boys tape or pin anything to this painting so he just hung out in the yard while the boys played. He’s now the newest canvas in my sons room and the coolest birthday gift!

Now another little thing that my fiance is also awesome with is cakes. He would love to do it for a living but until¬†that’s¬†a¬†possibility¬†he makes cakes for all of our birthdays and¬†special¬†events! This year he blew me away with what he did with icing! I really wish he could have the chance to learn fondant¬†because¬†I can imagine it would be incredible! This cake is a big one too for such a small party 13″x9″ but is delicious. He coloured the inside of the cake purple as per our little guys request and then decorated the top just amazing! Take a look for your self!


Minion Pig Cake

Close up

Happy Birthday Boy!
Feel free to click each imagine to see better detail. It really is a great cake and I am so impressed with how close he got with all the icings and the lines are so clean. I think I may have found me a winner (he also does all the cleaning, I know I’m beyond lucky!)

All in all this turned out to be one of the best birthday parties we put together. I am so happy the boys had fun and even more happy that I saved a ridiculous amount of money doing it at home instead! Now I am anxious to see what future birthdays parties hold, although I need to come to terms with this whole “6 year old” thing first!

Have a wonderful week everyone, enjoy the sunshine and try to do something crafty!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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