Happy Sunday! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, I sure have! Today I went to a wedding show with one of my bridesmaids and my fiance and had a blast. We saw a lot of great cakes and met some awesome vendors and DJ’s. The highlight of the whole event was the door prizes. There were so many prizes and we wanted so many of them, mainly  the grand prize: A Trip to Vegas. So we waited, and waited and sat through all the draws. I won a 10% coupon to one of the vendors and I was a little sad but about two draws later we were happy… very, very happy! They drew the name for the Vegas trip and sure enough pronounced my name wrong and my fiance yelled “Did you mean Aimee Beyer?” The poor woman announcing took a better look and sure enough it was us!! We won a 3 nights 2 days accommodations and a spending voucher to Las Vegas! We are ecstatic and are having a hard time containing our excitement! I can’t wait to go!

After all that excitement I took a little rest, then got to sewing. When I am excited or very happy I sew, and sew a lot, so that’s what I did! I finished up all my small items for the Made by Hand Show. Here are some photos of what I worked on.



I finished up 3 more Business Card Wallets, 2 Caroline Clutches, another Ruffled Clutch and Makeup Clutch and 4 more Alanis Clutches. Again I need to finish up the snaps and buttons but to have at least up to this step done is a pretty huge deal! The photos aren’t showing all the true colours so at the Made by Hand Show I will take some much better pictures.One last thing before I sign off. Congratulations to Siobhan for winning the $50 Gift Voucher and to Tiffany for winning the wallet! Thank you so much to all of you that entered, I really do appreciated each and every one of my fans. You make my work so much more enjoyable so thank you!

I hope you all have a fabulous week. More sewing is in store for me of course! Only 2 weeks until the show, make sure you have your tickets!

Happy Crafting!

Reposted from 04/07/2013


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