Reposted from 03/16/2013
Hello all and Happy St Patricks Day to those celebrating!

I have to start off with apologizing for being behind on my posts. I made some huge changes in this past week that have left me in a less then crafty mood! Things however are starting to look up and get better and I appreciate those who have stood by me.

Now onto some updates! Over the past few weeks I have been busily crafting away for the Spring Made By Hand Show. I’m trying my hardest to use only what I have in my stash of fabrics but I’m a sucker for supplies! More details on that tomorrow 😉

So far I have half of what I want made, ready to be finished, all sewn waiting for the final steps! I did however whip up a batch of my popular keychain pouches!


Little change pouches ready to go!
As most have you saw on Facebook or Twitter, I made a slight pattern misplacement on the owl one! Even though I think it looks a little funny everyone seems to love my 3-eyed owl!

I also started a batch of stamped pouches last week too!


In the right hand corner you can see my hand carved stamp! (And how well it’s been used!) In case you haven’t heard yet, these little guys are ON SALE until the end of March!
After all the show crafting I wanted to do something for me! This little refashion is something I have been considering for a while! This dress was purchased for me about 2 weeks after I had my son (who is now almost 6!) and it no longer fits! I couldn’t bare to part with it as I have a personal sentimental attachment to it. So what’s a girl to do?

Too big halter dress!
As you can see it didn’t fit anywhere now. I decided it would be far more faltering on me as a strapless dress as well!

I chopped off those halter pieces and added some darts and after a few fittings and taking in, I had me a new dress! A far more flattering one as well!




Darts and elastic thread detail!
I got lucky being as short as I am! The dress lands at a perfect length and the top band from the under bust fit perfectly up top!

I added darts to make it more fitted across the chest. Also, with my collection of elastic thread, I added a small amount of stitching to cinch it in a teensy bit more!

I’m in love with my new dress! This is the first time I’ve done this type of refashion and I’m itching to do more. I may have to hit up some thrift stores to see what I can find!

I hope you enjoyed my post this week, I hope to accomplish a lot more in the coming weeks/months. Don’t forget you can purchase your tickets online for the Made by Hand Show for only $5!

I’ll be spending the rest of my weekend in Toronto shopping for more supplies. So far I have scored 3 different types of Amy Butler fabrics and a cool stash of beads and a list of things to get tomorrow 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend and if you are enjoying St Pattys day celebrations, stay safe and have fun!

Happy crafting!


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