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Rewind- New Handmade Bag Design: The Piper Bag









Reposted from 01/27/2014



About a week ago I share this lovely new design on myFacebook page but this beauty needs her own post! A new designs, gorgeous fabric and fun new notions to play with!
I saw this gorgeous fabric at Fabricland just before Christmas and new I had to have it but it wasn’t cheap and I didn’t know what I would make with it. Luckily for me, my boys picked up on how much I wanted it and the two snuck off and bought it for me for Christmas! I was beyond excited when I opened up this gift to not only see this fabric but also some zippers as well! In case you haven’t seen or heard, I have a zipper obsession!

My first instinct was to make throw pillows because conveniently the blues in the pattern match our couch perfectly but then I decided I wanted to take this fabric with me everywhere! After searching for the ideal pattern and finding many “parts” of bags I liked, I decided to design my own bag! The one thing I really wanted was for this one to be different and have some professional elements. I searched high and low for the little rivets, which I luckily found when Fabricland had their last 50% off sale! The purse “feet” were a fun find that I have been wanting to try for a long time! Check out some of these close ups to see these fun new features as well as another shot of my tags!


New rivets and piping!

New tag in a new home!

Lined up those squares quite nicely!

Purse feet!
The only real downside to this bag is that I didn’t use a strong enough interfacing/stabilizer so it is a little floppy. I love the little feet and have been showing them off every chance I get because they’re amazing! I also love how cool the little rivets look on the straps so you will see those now on many of the bags. I just picked up some this weekend that have rhinestones on them! My tag placement was a last minute decision because I’m still getting used to adding it, but I think I like having it there! Discreet but still noticeable!

I’ve decided to name the bag after my little kitty Piper. Hes always by my side whether its watching tv or sitting behind/beside/on me when I sew! I also want to add that with a few extra “bottle pockets” this bag can easily become a stylist diaper bag! So many options 🙂

So what do you think of those feet? I haven’t designed a pattern in a while so I am excited to start making more of these bags soon!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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