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Rewind- Don’t lose your marbles!

Reposted from 02/19/2014

For Christmas we bought our little man one of those fun marble tracks with loops and twirls and such. We bought the cheap version not realizing the “marbles” it came with were plastics and did not roll very well at all! We then started collecting real marbles in all shapes and sizes!

This past weekend we went to our favourite antique shop and found even more marbles and they’re vintage and well played with too!


A pretty awesome find for $5!

Once we got home we realized our little pouch for the first set of marbles won’t fit this bunch too! Out came all the kids themed fabric and we came up with this awesome Star Wars case!




Fun ant lining!

Little man was pretty excited to see it all finished! I used my Ruffled Clutch pattern just without the ruffle. I also lined it with fleece to keep the marbles safe and undamaged inside!


Safe little pieces of space!

We are excited that these and the other marbles now have a safe place to be! A quick little project that will keep the marbles safe from our sneaky kitty who keeps stealing them!

I have many more projects to finish up this week so stay tuned for new and exciting things!

Happy crafting 🙂

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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