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PTBO Makes – Studio Luma

PTBO Makes - Studio Luma - The Little Bird Designs

On PTBO Makes this week, you get to meet glass bead artisan, Studio Luma. I met Annie and her family 4 years ago at an outdoor market that the Art School of Peterborough put on. She, a veteran show goer and me, my first outdoor market, she came to my rescue. I was placed on a slight slant in the Charlotte Mews and Annie offered me up some wooden shims to save my table! She kinda stuck like glue after that and has been an incredible friend in business and life ever since. Now let’s get to know Annie and her beautiful work a little more, shall we?

I live in Peterborough, ON, with my family (my husband and 2 young children). I have recently turned 40 and this arrival in to “middle age” has been inspiring and exciting! NOW is the time to make things happen and try them out! Our family sold off most of our possessions, rented out our house, and took off to live in Central America from January 2014 to June 2015! I resigned from my highly-coveted classroom teacher position after my children were born because I was miserable and started Luma… This is what guides my life: We’ve got one life to live – if I’m wrong, this one will have been a fabulous dress rehearsal!!

PTBO Makes - Studio Luma - The Little Bird Designs

Pretty little beads!

What do you make and what inspired you to start Studio Luma?

I make glass and silver jewellery and jewellery-related accessories. I got in to this because I REALLY didn’t want to go back to being a classroom teacher after my 2nd maternity leave… Ok, that’s not the ONLY reason why: I had always had a very creative life and all of that was shelved while I was a classroom teacher. I wanted to be making and creating more. I wanted to have control of my life and the freedom that comes from owning my own business. And yeah, I don’t miss the stresses from being a classroom teacher – but I do really miss the kids!

PTBO Makes - Studio Luma - The Little Bird Designs

Stunning yet simple!

Where did you learn the art of bead making?

I stumbled upon glass bead making while noodling around online. The website for a Toronto bead store said “Make glass beads in our lamp working studio” and I thought “MAKE glass beads?!?! Don’t they just magically come out of a factory overseas?!?!” So I signed up for a 2-day workshop and while I made my third bead, I knew that I would soon be building a studio and doing A LOT more bead making!!

PTBO Makes - Studio Luma - The Little Bird Designs

Hard at work turning glass into beads!

PTBO Makes - Studio Luma - The Little Bird Designs

Studio shot where the magic happens!

What is your favourite thing to make?

Hollow beads!! It took a lot of practice to be able to consistently make them

PTBO Makes - Studio Luma - The Little Bird Designs

Stacked bracelets, delicate and beautiful

What is one thing you would love to learn?

I really want to learn how to make quick, whimsical little sketches and watercolour paintings… This past winter, I took Watercolour for Beginners at the Art School of Peterborough and this was a great introduction. I have long dreamed of sitting on a park bench and pulling out a sketchbook to whip off simple, easy, somewhat realistic sketches…

PTBO Makes - Studio Luma - The Little Bird Designs

Tell us one random fact about you.

Of all of the official programs I’ve studied (outdoor recreation, education, and photography), the photography studies have ended up being the most useful!! I decided to study professional photography for fun and never planned to be a professional photographer. In this line of work, I regularly pull on everything that I learned there and confidently tackle all of my own product photography!

PTBO Makes - Studio Luma - The Little Bird Designs

Check out some of Studio Luma at The Quilter’s Bolt

One of my favourite things about Annie is that she is a ridiculous amount of fun and a burst of energy to be around! I love watching her photos pop up on Instagram because her behind-the-scene shots are so much fun!

If you want to check out more of Annie’s work find her all over the web here:

PTBO Makes - Studio Luma - The Little Bird Designswww.facebook.com/studioluma.ca
PTBO Makes - Studio Luma - The Little Bird Designs@studioluma
PTBO Makes - Studio Luma - The Little Bird Designswww.studioluma.ca/

Thank you Annie for giving us a peek inside your studio and your gorgeous work! I love watching you make beads and other creative little things! Who else wants to see how it’s done?

If you’re a maker in or around Peterborough, Ontario and want to be featured, fill out this FORM and I will do my best to be in touch! Be sure to tag your photos on Instagram with #PTBOMakes and #MadeInPTBO so I can see your local makes! (Check out my profile while you are there!)

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