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PTBO Makes – The Quilter’s Bolt – Part One

PTBO Makes - The Quilter's Bolt - The Little Bird Designs

This week on PTBO Makes, you get part one of a double feature on The Quilter’s Bolt. Kate is my incredible friend who owns a wonderful fabric shop but she’s also a mega talented quilter. Today you get to meet her and her stunning quilts, next week I will show you around her shop! You’re going to fall in love with everything she does!

I’m Kate! I own The Quilter’s Bolt at 30 King St in charming, Millbrook ON. I have been in business for just over two fantastic years and love my customers, location and working with the colours tremendously. I also live in Millbrook (7 years now!) with my hubby, 2 young daughters and crazy puppy, Maggie. I’m 33 years old. Which always seems to surprise people (the whole quilting theme is often perceived as an “old lady” hobby).

PTBO Makes - The Quilter's Bolt Part 1 - The Little Bird Designs

I spy a Little Bird peeking over 😉

Tell us what you make and how it inspired you to open The Quilter’s Bolt.

I make home decor (table runners and placemats), and bags sometimes. But mostly I make quilts (I’ve made about 16 so far, since the beginning of 2017 and have more in the works right now). I quilt because I LOVE fabric. I fell in love with fabric about 14 years ago, which led me to make my first baby quilt. I then acquired a part time job at Quilts n’ Critters, and my love for all things quilty quickly turned into a passion. I quilted my way through 10 years of working from home, providing childcare (I’m a licensed ECE). Nap times and late nights were spent at my sewing machine, leaving me feeling refreshed and giving me an opportunity to have some me time in a career that did not allow “lunch breaks” etc.

Where did you learn to Quilt?

My mom helped me make that first baby quilt. And then spending my Saturdays at Quilts n Critters with my talented co-workers and the knowledgeable shop owner, Diane England fuelled my love and increased my knowledge/abilities. But I am also very much self taught. I learned a lot of it by trial and error (and hours with my stitch-ripper haha)

PTBO Makes - The Quilter's Bolt Part 1 - The Little Bird Designs

Aren’t they the sweetest rocking Raincoats made by their Aunt!

What is your favourite thing to make?

Quilts! Pulling fabrics together to create something new is my favourite thing (like EVER). And watching those seams line up is so insanely rewarding (I know, it sounds ridiculous to cut perfectly beautiful fabric up and then sew it back together again haha)

PTBO Makes - The Quilter's Bolt Part 1 - The Little Bird Designs

An absolutely stunning work of art!

What’s one thing you would love to learn?

Ride my hubby’s motorcycle. It won’t likely happen any time soon. Young kids aren’t a great match with bikes. I’m not sure if I would even like it, but I would like to give it a try and see for myself. He might share. . . .

Tell us one random fact about you.

Hmmmmm. . . .I have an autoimmune-neuromuscular disease called Myasthenia Gravis. It was a huge struggle for about 10 years of my life, beginning in my late teens. It took a few years to get a diagnosis, and a much longer time to get to the (mostly) symptom free life I enjoy now. I learned a lot through that journey.

PTBO Makes - The Quilter's Bolt Part 1 - The Little Bird Designs

This one hurts my brain even if it is incredible!

One of my favourite things about following Kate on Instagram, is that she shares behind the scenes at the shops AND finished quilt tops! Lloyd and Lola are my current faves that she has finished. Aren’t they the sweetest?

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The Quilter’s Bolt is a Brick and Mortar shop but she will occasionally ship if needed to you! You can follow Kate and her shop news here:

PTBO Makes - The Quilter's Bolt - The Little Bird Designswww.instagram.com/thequiltersbolt

PTBO Makes - The Quilter's Bolt - The Little Bird Designs www.facebook.com/katescustomquilts

Thank you so much Kate for letting us get to know you a little bit more! Who’s excited to see a peek into her shop? Trust me, if you are a fabric hoarder like myself, you are going to want to make the visit to Kate! See you next week for more Quilty love!

If you’re a maker in or around Peterborough, Ontario and want to be featured, fill out this FORM and I will do my best to be in touch! Be sure to tag your photos on Instagram with #PTBOMakes and #MadeInPTBO so I can see your local makes! (Check out my profile while you are there!)

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