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PTBO Makes – Ellebury

PTBO Makes - Ellebury - The Little Bird Designs

Welcome to the first PTBO Makes feature of 2018! I’m so excited for you to meet the incredible woman behind Ellebury! I stumbled on Krista’s gorgeous work on Instagram and instantly fell in love. Give a nice warm welcome to this talented designer and artist today!

I live in Peterborough with my BF of 12 years and our two cats, Herb and Rupert. I’m a graphic designer by trade and I work full time doing design, marketing and customer experience for an organic produce delivery company. This means I don’t always get to spend as much time as I’d like crafting but it’s a pretty great job so I can’t complain 🙂

PTBO Makes - Ellebury - The Little Bird Designs Rupert
Rupert wearing one of the very first felt crowns!

What do you make and what inspired you to start Ellebury?

I make fun decorative felt goods – mainly felt flowers and succulents. I also make prints, posters and cards. I started out just making and illustrating prints and cards. I’ve always loved florals and plants and about a year ago I was introduced to felt flowers and fell in love! It’s been so fun creating a few pieces that combine my illustrations with felt flowers!

PTBO Makes - Ellebury - The Little Bird Designs Wreath

How did you learn your art?

I’m self taught with a big help from YouTube and Pinterest for learning the basics of felt florals and getting tons of inspiration.

PTBO Makes - Ellebury - The Little Bird Designs felt plants

What is your favourite thing to create?

Hmm that’s a tough one – I think I love making the cat flower crown hoops the most right now because they’re so cute (I’m a crazy cat lady at heart) and the finished product always makes me so happy. I also really love making felt air plants and succulents for decoration around my house and office (I can never keep real plants alive for long).

PTBO Makes - Ellebury - The Little Bird Designs Cat
Krista’s original Cat art transferred to canvas!

What is one thing you would love to learn?

I really want to learn how to sew.

PTBO Makes - Ellebury - The Little Bird Designs bike
Krista’s original art transferred to canvas!

Tell us one random fact that most people don’t know.

I was a competitive dancer when I was younger and travelled around quite a bit as part of my dance group for competitions. I did a bit of everything – ballet, jazz even the highland fling!

PTBO Makes - Ellebury - The Little Bird Designs Deer

My favourite thing about following designers on Instagram is seeing their creative process. I love seeing how Krista goes from image to flower arrangement. Plus, how beautiful is her artwork?

A post shared by Ellebury (@ellebury.studio) on Ellebury offers free local pick ups if you use the code PTBOLOVE  in her Etsy shop!

Check out more of Krista’s work throughout the web here:

Thank you Krista for sharing with us your work! The crazy cat lady in me is seriously in love with the Cat crowns of course! Which is your favourite piece of her work?

If you’re a maker or artist in and around Peterborough, Ontario and wish to be featured, fill out this FORM and I will do my best to get in touch! Be sure to tag your photos on Instagram with #PTBOMakes and #MadeInPTBO so I can see your local makes! (Check out my profile while you are there!)

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