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PTBO Makes – Borough Designs

PTBO Makes - Borough Designs - The Little Bird Designs

I’m so excited to bring you this next PTBO Makes feature! Today you get to meet the incredible team behind Borough Designs. An accessory small business team that is incredibly talented and VERY funny too! Say hello to Nina and Erika below!

Originally from Orangeville, I moved to Peterborough seven years ago to go to Trent for Sustainable Agriculture. I love gardening, my cats, and making hand-rolled pasta. So basically I’m an Italian grandmother in training. – Nina

I was born but not raised in Peterborough! After travelling the world and going to Nipissing University, I have made ptbo my home with my partner! I work to travel, enjoy all things pink and adorable, love Latin dancing and have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. – Erica

What do you make and what inspired you ladies to start Borough Designs?

I specialize in making hair accessories but I also do custom orders for other small projects. As for how I started, I used to do alterations and the odd custom project for friends and I was always told that I should make a business out of it, but I never thought that I had enough skill to actually charge money to strangers for my work. At the beginning of January this year I was bored and looking for a change and it seemed like the right time. I was on the fence of quitting my Etsy page when Erika- my marketing wiz- convinced me that my skills were totally worth making profit on! And here we are!

Headband Selfie - PTBO Makes - Borough Designs - The Little Bird Designs

When did you learn how to sew?

I learned sewing basics from my mom when I was quite young on her (still operational) 1952 Singer sewing machine. Later on in high school I took fashion classes with a wonderful teacher, Ms Jane Smith, who taught me how to make clothes and quilts. – Nina

Yeah I can’t even cut the fabric right for Nina… however! I learned marketing and business from my father growing up (It isn’t a secret that I wish I was like Nina!) – Erika

Scrunchies 2 - PTBO Makes - Borough Designs - The Little Bird Designs

What is your favourite thing to make?

I usually make myself a pretty cool Halloween costume. It’s fun to be more theatrical and make something I wouldn’t wear in my regular life. – Nina

I like when she makes new products and her experiments work out right in front of our eyes!! – Erika

Scrunchies - PTBO Makes - Borough Designs - The Little Bird Designs

What is one thing you both would love to learn?

Pottery – Nina

Speak Spanish! – Erika

Happy Gals - PTBO Makes - Borough Designs - The Little Bird Designs

Share with us one random fact that most people don’t know!

I’m a huge Trekkie! – Nina

I don’t even know what a Trekkie is (hahaha I am actually laughing that while I read this). I feel like I tell everyone anything about me. OU I don’t have a birthmark. Wow, that’s really random! – Erika

Headband - PTBO Makes - Borough Designs - The Little Bird Designs

What I love the most about following these ladies is the obvious amount of fun they have. Not only while they make but for their photoshoots too! So make sure you are following them on Instagram!

I asked Borough Designs about international shipping and local pickups and this is what they had to say:

While Etsy currently only has Canada and the U.S as shipping destinations, we’re always open to anyone who messages us and asks for international shipping. Just because costs can vary wildly by country it’s just too hard to calculate for every item unless there’s a specific request for a quote. We’re also open to local pickup/delivery. Most of these orders go through Instagram rather than Etsy. – Nina

Erika would like to add that our only special requirement for pick ups is that you give us a hug. Cuz we love and get excited about meeting our customers a little bit too much sometimes!

Check out more of Nina and Erika’s work throughout the web here:

Thank you ladies for the laughs and sharing your work with us! Which accessory is your favourite? I cannot wait to get my hands on more scrunchies and a few headbands!

If you’re a maker or artist in and around Peterborough, Ontario and wish to be featured, fill out this FORM and I will do my best to get in touch! Be sure to tag your photos on Instagram with #PTBOMakes and #MadeInPTBO so I can see your local makes! (Check out my profile while you are there!)

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