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Pin & Patch Show Toronto Recap

Pin & Patch Show Recap - The Little Bird Designs

Back in July I went to the Pin + Patch Show in Toronto and had a huge blast! I only recently began my obsession with enamel pins thanks to my friend Queenie’s Cards. She has the most adorable punny cards and her pins and patches are the next best thing! She and Brit from Sparkle Collective decided to put on the show because there just wasn’t anything like it in Ontario. They had no idea it would be such a huge flair loving success! This year they opted for a larger venue and it was still line up around the corner! As a free-to-attend show, it’s hard to predict how many people will be there and even I was blown away by how many people there was!

Lineup - Pin & Patch Show Recap - The Little Bird Designs

Even with a larger venue, it was packed all day! They tried their best to get the crowds moving through but how could they all not just oogle at all that goodness! There was literally pins for every single type of person and even some awesome shirts and things too! Queenie snapped this pic of me while we were checking out the crowd!

Me - Pin & Patch Show Recap - The Little Bird Designs

The Pin + Patch Show had one of the coolest sponsors, SIGG North America! They make all those awesome water bottles and thermoses that you can get fun images on! You can even get ones with Queenie’s graphics! they had an awesome display set up with The Pop Stand giving away ice pops all day!

Queenie - Pin & Patch Show Recap - The Little Bird Designs

I may have gone a little crazy with my pin shopping but can you blame me? I couldn’t stop myself! Silly me though, I didn’t get a single patch! OOps!

All Pins together - Pin & Patch Show Recap - The Little Bird Designs

I went a little crazy at the Sparkle Collective booth being a crazy cat lady at heart! They were all so sweet! I snagged the wolf Ramble On Supply Co. pin for my man. He’s a love of this style of painting so I knew the pin would be a hit! I even picked up some pins for my little man. He loves learning and science so he gets the pin from ilootpaperie (they came all the way from California!) and the Comix one from Sparkle Collective!

There were so many more amazing pins that I could have brought home but I had to stop. I needed to make sure I could catch the train home after-all 😉 My pin board is almost full now and I am going to need to build a new one soon! When I make another, I’ll be sure to share how I did it because it is super easy! If you want to see a close up off all the pins I got and who made them, head over to my Instagram Story highlights. I did some videos of all that I go so you could get some shopping from home done!

Pin Hoarder - Pin & Patch Show Recap - The Little Bird Designs

I cannot wait to see what next year’s Pin + Patch Show looks like! I know they are always trying to improve and aim to keep it a fun show to attend! Are you an enamel pin addict too? Let me know who your favourite pin makers because I am always on the look out to add to my collection!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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