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Newly Update Office Chair – 2 Moose Craft Chair

 As many of you know, we recently upgraded to a bigger home which meant I got to upgrade my craft space! I now have a huge amount of space and a large closet to keep all my sewing, crafting and fabric hoarding under control! The only downside to this new space is the walls are paneling, however its not that cheap ugly fake stuff, it’s real wood! It is stained a gorgeous dark cherry but it’s dark, so I have been doing my best to add as much white and colour to brighten up the room! There’s also two HUGE windows and a sliding door that let in a ton of sunlight as well!

The first splash of colour in my space is a new rug and once it was down and all the shelves put in, my black office chair seemed just too dark! So out comes the Ikea canvas fabric I have had stashed and you are left with a snazzy new 2 Moose Craft chair!

This guy is just your basic $20 chair from Walmart, nothing fancy, that came apart really easy! For those who want to attempt this project, that plastic backing on the upper back just pops right off! I added an extra layer of padding to the upper back to give it a tiny bit more cushion then used my trusty glue gun to glue it all down! You can see in the pictures just how easy it was!

*TIP* if using a thicker fabric like I did, your plastic backing will take a little extra muscle to put back on! A flat head screwdriver helps wonders with this!

Back of office chairOffice chair covered in battingBack of covered office chair

Two moose office chairtwo moos office chair with backing

Now onto the seat! This poor chair is well used so there wasn’t much for “cushioning” left! Out comes FOUR layers of batting and lots of strong pulling and I now have a nice and cushy seat! For the underside, I just cut a piece of white cotton slightly smaller than the shape of the seat to cover the uneven edges and glued bits!

*TIP* if you are adding extra cushion to your seat, make sure you cut your fabric a little bit wider than you think! Mine was *almost* to small so I had to really pull it to keep the batting in!

Batting on office chair seat

Another important tip: pay attention to your fabrics pattern direction! I mistakenly put the fabric on upside down 😉 Thankfully because the base design is just trees and flowers, no one but me notices that its facing the wrong way!

Two Moose Office Chair

I now have this bright and colourful chair that is far craftier than it was before and I love that it has 2 Moose on it! I still have a little more of this fabric left but I am not sure what else needs more Moose 😉

I have a few more changes, updates and things to hang before you get to see the whole room in action! I *might* be getting a new table too, which will make for a world of difference for sewing! To see sneak peeks of my Craft Space follow me on Instagram. It’s the first place I share photos everyday!

If you decide to recover your office chair, I would love to see what you come up with! As always feel free to leave any questions about how I did this revamp in the comments below 🙂

Happy Crafting 🙂

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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