My First HST Baby Quilt

My First HST Baby Quilt - The Little Bird Designs

Two years ago I attempted my first real quilt when my nephew was born and boy was it an adventure! Making all those squares line up and keeping that chenille fleece from puckering was some serious learning curve. This year my sister asked me again if I wanted to make a quilt for the little girl she was expecting and of course, I said YES! This time around I wanted to jump into something a little more adventurous so the two of us ran to Pinterest for ideas! We both fell in love with THIS PIN by Rikka of Ricochet & Away and I thought? why not, I can’t screw it up that bad, can I 😉 Well, I fell in love with my FIRST half-square triangle (HST) baby quilt!

90 Squares later (or 180 triangles) and we have a pretty pink and grey HST Baby Quilt! I ended up creating my own design similar to Rikka but a tad simpler. The hardest part for me was lining up all those strips!

This was the first time I’ve really quilted anything too! Even though my lines aren’t perfect, the quilting turned out beautifully! I had a little bit of a struggle going through my standard machine with all the fluffy quilt rolled up but I did it. I also used the backing as my quilt binding to make it easier on me and it helped to finish things quite quickly!

Overall I am super pleased with how it all came together! ALL the fabric for this quilt was purchased at The Quilter’s Bolt in Millbrook, ON. Kate and Alex were incredibly helpful in choosing fabric and they both cheered me along as I worked away! My little niece was born on Monday, August 10th and we are all so excited that she is finally here! Her new quilt looks just perfect in her pink and grey room!

Handmade Baby Quilt

In case you are wondering, I’m officially addicted to quilting things now. So watch out, quilted bags are coming your way soon 😀

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix

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