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I Did a Brand Photoshoot & You need to do one too!

Brand Photoshoot - The Little Bird Designs

Back in May Julia Weitz was offering discounted photoshoots. I absolutely love her style of photography AND she’s Jess’s sister (from Julia’s Sister!) so I had to jump on this opportunity! Going into the shoot I was initially aiming for new head-shots because my last ones were from Blissdom Canada in 2015. It was time! I also needed photos that were fun and way more me so I gathered up some of my favourite bags and met Julia at a park for a seriously  fun brand photoshoot!

Making - Brand Photoshoot - The Little Bird Designs

We snapped some traditional head-shot style photos but we still kept things fun by sneaking in bags and clutches any chance we could!

Julia was incredibly easy to work with and so easy going. She was totally willing to try anything I suggested, even lying in a pile of my bags. Truly making me a serious bag lady! 😀

Laying in my bags and things - Brand Photoshoot - The Little Bird Designs

We also got a little goofy and these shots ended up being my absolute favourite! I loved letting my personality shine!

Goofy - Brand Photoshoot - The Little Bird Designs

One of my biggest goals was just that, to let people truly see the real me in photos! I’ve always been told that I smile huge or that I am way too happy, and it’s true! Julia was able to catch that really happy side of me that I can’t always capture myself! It was also about time that I got in front of the camera instead of always being behind. As makers we are always striving to catch the perfect staged photo for Instagram, a blog post or what have you but we forget to capture ourselves. We need to put ourselves out there a little more, show who we really are!

Silly - Brand Photoshoot - The Little Bird Designs

To prepare for my shoot I gathered all kinds of things and I want to share with you some tips when you go to plan your own brand photoshoot!

Brand Photoshoot tips

Bring Products and Supplies

And I mean lots! You want to have a good assortment of things to show off and showcase. Group items by colour or prints so you can have themed photos. Bring extra odds and ends. If you knit, bring a current project. Same goes for artists, sewist and all other creators. It doesn’t even need to be a real project, just something to make it look like you are in your element!

Dress to suit your brand

I chose to go a little more simple for my photos. My colours are pink, blue and mint so I was able to stick with a simple classic look. You do not have to look all stiff in a spiffy suit unless that is your style. Do have your hair freshly coloured if that’s your thing. I’m known for my bright red hair so I made sure that colour was fresh before the shoot!

Hair - Brand Photoshoot - The Little Bird Designs

Be prepared to have fun

Don’t go into your shoot expecting to look exactly like the Pinterest images you find because that’s just not you 😉 Really let your personality shine and have some fun behind the camera. Laugh, because let me tell you, some of my favourite photos of me are that of me laughing hysterically at photographers. They are able to capture you in ways you will never be able to capture yourself!

Me - Brand Photoshoot - The Little Bird Designs

My next adventure with Julia will be her coming into my studio to really truly capture me in my space. I would love some photos of me at my machines, writing at my desk or just showing off my endless fabric hoards. Plus I have some serious colourful furniture in my studio that just needs to be shown off!

Have you ever had a brand photoshoot? How did it go? If not, are you inspired to give one a go now? I hope you do because it is totally worth the money and the fun!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix


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