While I have been resting my wonderful pinched nerve, I have been finding things to create that don’t require a lot of bending or moving. I have a huge amount of little scraps that I have been saving for some crafts and such and after a Pinterest search and a browse through my “Decor and Design” board I found the perfect project to use up the scraps! Yo-yos and lots of them!

Handcut cirlces for yo-yos

I ended up cutting out WAY more fabric than I needed so I grouped the ones I liked best and went to work…. and 64 circles later, I had a bunch of hand sewn yo-yos!

first group or yo-yos

The very first batch!

Handmade yo-yos

Slowly adding more to them!handmade yo-yosAll the pretty yo-yo’s in a row!

I then set to work grouping them into random sets of 16 and pinning them onto my pillow blanks! The colours really pop off the black! Once they were centered, pinned and ready to go, each one had to be sewn by hand to the black fabric. It was pretty time consuming and took me a few days to complete!

Pinned handmade yo-yo pillows

Each little circle is sewn with hidden stitches around the edges then for good measure I sewed the middle as well. (As added security in case the kids are pulling on them!) I folded the edges in towards the center to make them envelope style and sewed them up, first with my Serger then with a straight stitch! I want them to last after all that hand sewing!

Handmade Yo-yo throw pillows

Handmade Yo-yo throw pillows Handmade Yo-yo throw pillows Handmade Envelope style throw pillw

I’m so excited with how they turned out and was so glad to have something to keep me busy while I relax! I have a bunch of circles left still and have plans for a few of them, so stay tuned for my newest obsession: Yo-Yo’s!

Thanks for being patient with me as a slowly get back into sewing! I am hoping this week I will be able to sit at my sewing machine a little longer but I can’t make any promises just yet.

What do you do to keep yourself busy when you are forced to relax? I would love some easy crafts to do!


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