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Friday Favourite- Knitty Little Secret

Friday Favourite - Knitty Little Secret - The Little Bird Designs

Hi, my name is Aimee and I am addicted to skin care! It’s true because as an Esthetician (my other business) I put skin care high up on a pedestal! I want it all, need it all and when my friend Lindsay started making things, I knew I would quickly get addicted! Choosing my Friday Favourite this month was all to easy!

Knitty Little Secret is the creator behind Raw Earth Skin Care, a delectable natural approach to all types of skin care. She creates each item using ingredients that make you feel safe to use them on any member of your family! She makes lip balm, lotions and even bath fizzies. I recently commissioned her to make some special edition cuticle cream in lip balm tubes. It’s kinda genius, no mess and you can carry it everywhere!

Friday Favourite Knitty Little Secret - The Little Bird DesignsMy upper body and wrists get quite the workout with the work that I do, so her joint salve has been a life saver for the constant wrist and back pain. It really does make a difference! Also, insider fact- it’s excellent for relieving cramps for that certain time of the month 😉

Friday Favourite Knitty Little Secret - The Little Bird Designs

Lindsay doesn’t just stop at skin care, she is also an incredible knitter. I have my very own pair of her yoga socks, in pink of course!

Friday Favourite Knitty Little Secret - The Little Bird Designs

She also makes the most adorable baby sweaters and mitts. Check out these fingerless gloves, they’re possibly the coolest things I have ever seen!

If you want to check out Lindsay’s shop, head over to Etsy  or Facebook to see the incredible things she makes!

Thank you Knitty Little Secret for creating incredible creations for me to love! Tell me, what sort of skin stuff are you addicted to? I don’t think I can live without my whipped body butter, YUM!

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