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Favourite Finds from Ritual Apothecary!

Favourite Finds from Ritual Apothecary - The Little Bird Designs

I’m so excited to share with you some of my favourites finds from Ritual Apothecary! While I often share my favourite makers who sew or do jewelry, I thought it was high time I shared my fave skincare makers! These talented folks are local to me and make the most incredible items that I use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! I’m not even kidding, all of this is actually used by me or one of my family members! Let’s check out just what my faves are!

All my favourites - Favourite Finds from Ritual Apothecary - The Little Bird Designs
All products from Ritual Apothecary! Pouch by me, facial squares by Sarita Baby!

As an esthetician by trade, facial products are something I am passionate about for myself! I am also one of those lovely people that don’t have wrinkles because my skin thinks oil production is its job 😉 Because of these, I am super picky about what I use and what is in what I am using! My all-time favourite product that you can find at Ritual is their facial wash! The kind in these images has been discontinued BUT their Lavender and Honey Milky Cleanser is amazing too! They aren’t drying but also not over-moisturizing either! It’s the perfect combo of everything.

All Natural face wash - Favourite Finds from Ritual Apothecary - The Little Bird Designs

The other fave finds from them is Beautiful Blue and Cleansing Grains that are created by Blue Jay Botanicals. I use the Cleansing Grains as my second cleanse/exfoliation 2-3 times a week. It really truly makes your skin glow and is so gentle that even the most sensitive skin could use it! The oil is a beautiful blend that doesn’t make my skin more oily, if anything, it helps to rebalance the oil production I already have. Plus it smells divine!

As a self-care advocate, you can’t have face care without the occasional full DIY facial at home! To do this, I stock up on Ritual’s Lemon-Aid Clay mask and one of their facial steams. It clears out my pores (tingles a little) and makes me feel so refreshed! The steam helps to keep the mask moist and active PLUS is excellent for opening your sinuses!

We also have some faves for sleeping from Ritual too! My son swears by the Headache Relief roll-on. It is a blend of calming oils and not only helps with his occasional teenage headaches but helps him relax and fall asleep too! I, on the other hand, swear by the Sleep Calm Tincture. It is calming and sedative herbs in Wildflower Gin. It tastes AWFUL but it helps me sleep well and has reduced the night panic/anxiety attacks that I experience. It has been a wonder product for my day to day life… it just tastes terrible BUT, don’t worry, they do have it in a capsule form too if you prefer!

One of my more recent finds from Ritual Apothecary is their Repair Balm. After I got a tattoo in the summer, I found that the Vitamin A&E cream that the tattoo artist gave me was clogging my already oily clogged pores. I switched to the repair balm and not only did the tattoo heal faster, but it also was less itchy and no clogged pores! Plus, it practically melts like butter into your skin.

Dandelion and Yarrow Repair Balm - Favourite Finds from Ritual Apothecary - The Little Bird Designs

The last thing I want to share is that Ritual also sells essential oils that you can use how you please. They come in little bottles and many different kinds so you can create your own blends for your diffuser! I use Peppermint and Eucalyptus every day so I am always running out!

Perfect Diffuser Mix - Favourite Finds from Ritual Apothecary - The Little Bird Designs

Another super cool thing about Ritual Apothecary is they have a refill station. You can bring your own bottles in, your old bottles or purchase bottles and restock on all of your faves! They have everything from facial to body products and even herbs and oils that you can stock up on. It’s an excellent way to reuse what you already have and save things from hitting the landfill!

Basically you could say that I am a wee bit obsessed with this little shop in this city. I can find just about everything I need to keep clean and healthy all in this shop. You can find many of Ritual’s Willow’s Bark items on their website if you can’t make it into their shop!

Do you have a fave little apothecary shop local to you? Tell me if you do or if you have a fave all-natural product that you just can’t live without!

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