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Colour Me In Backpack

For my birthday my husband took me to Ikea. For most people it means finding cool things for your home, but for me it’s all about the textiles! The quality of their fabric is incredible and usually I hoard the fabric for myself but not this time! I found this really cool black and white fabric and knew right away that it had to become some type of bag for kids to colour in!

The “Colour Me In” backpack is a unique shape and style because I wanted it to be a little different than what’s out there for kids already but also be gender neutral. Any kid can carry it!

handmade Colour me in backpack for kids

The top triangle is made out of vinyl for added durability but this should stand up quite well to all kinds of stress from your kids. The fabric is a heavy canvas and I put a sturdy interfacing inside to keep that teardrop shape! The strap and vinyl colours will be different on every bag and could totally be customized depending on what your child wants!

Colour me in backpack handmade for kids

There are so many fun little scenes to colour in on this bag so each one will be different especially once your little person colours it in! I will be supplying a couple fabric markers with each order but if you use a washable marker this bag could change every time it’s washed!

Colour me in backpack handmade for kids

My Little Man was so excited when I gave it to him to colour plus even more excited when I told him he got to keep the first one! He claims I don’t make him enough bags but I assure you this kid has all sorts or bags, pouches and backpacks to carry all of the “things” 😉

I’ll be launching these next week on my site. I think all kid should have the freedom to express themselves through crafts and colouring and what better way than a backpack they can take everywhere with them to show off!

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