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Celebrate Mario Day with a Travel Case

Mario Day Case - The Little Bird Designs

Did you know that today, March 10, is Mario Day? It’s the day to celebrate the hero of the Nintendo’s most popular game Super Mario. We are mega huge fans of Mario in our house (I have a soft spot for Yoshi though!) We have tons of collectibles and consoles, even an original NES and a Super Nes! This past Christmas, we decided to treat our little man to a brand new Nintendo 2DS. The newer games wouldn’t even work in his old DS. Once we had the system, we knew he would need a carrying case and there was no way I was buying a store bought one at outrageous prices!

Mario Day Case - The Little Bird Designs - Front

Instead, I took some measurements and got out my Stand Up Clutch pattern plus my Zipper Hack and went to work! The medium was perfect sizing and fit the last of my Super Mario scraps! A strap was added so he could safely carry it wherever needed and there would be no worry about it being dropped.

Mario Day Case - The Little Bird Designs - Side

The case strap was added at the sides to prevent the strap from blocking the opening or distorting the zipper. I even added a swivel hook so he could have the option to wear it as a waist bag if he really wanted to!

Mario Day Case - The Little Bird Designs - Back

With only a small mount of scraps left of all these fabrics, I made the back solid instead of adding the pocket. To accomplish this, I used the OUTER PANEL pattern piece and cut both the foam and fabric out of it!

Mario Day Case - The Little Bird Designs - Room for Everything

There’s plenty of room inside to comfortably store not only his 2DS but also many games and his charging cord. Also, how awesome are these pins? We snagged them at a local gaming store to add to our every growing pin collection!

Mario Day Case - The Little Bird Designs - Inside Pockets

By sewing a centre line down the pockets, this case holds multiple games. Plus they even fit the AR Cards that come with the console! I went with some fun snack themed fabric for the inside and my little dude loved it!

Mario Day Case - The Little Bird Designs - Mario Family

On Christmas morning, he opened up the case first and then the 2DS. He was beyond ecstatic to get this little set for Christmas. He loved my handmade case to match!

Mario Day Case - The Little Bird Designs - Happy Mario Day

How will you be celebrating Mario Day today? Are you as big of fans as we are? I think I might have to hook up the Super NES and give the classic a whorl! Or maybe I’ll sneak onto Little Mans 2DS…. the possibilities are endless!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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