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Beginner Bag Patterns that aren’t Boring!

Beginner Bag Patterns that aren't Boring! - The Little Bird Designs

After the love I got from “Creative Clutch Patterns for Beginner Bag Makers” I figured it made sense to round up my favourite tote bags too! These are all excellent for beginner bag makers that are confident with their sewing machines! They use minimal hardware and have a big impact! Check them all out and make sure to pin this post so you never lose these links!

My number one recommendation for beginners it the Stand Up and Tote Notice Tote by Andrie Designs! Don’t ket those top curves fool you, this bag is perfect for beginners! You can make it using fleece or foam as your stabilizer and the only hardware you need is a magnetic snap! It’s a great pattern to use up you absolute fave fabrics plus it really does stand up on its own! Give it a go and pop into the Andrie Designs Facebook Group to share it with everyone!

Another fun beginner pattern is Miss Maggie by Emmaline Bags. What makes this one so much fun is you have numerous options for adding o those straps. She has a bunch of tutorials on her site for all the options! Add the fun snaps on the side or don’t! There is so much room for customization! This pattern also gives beginners a chance to play with hardware if you are feeling adventurous. Get the pattern from Emmaline Bags and drool over her hardware while you are there!

My favourite slouchy tote bag comes from Emkie Designs, The Hippo Hobo! This pattern gives beginners a chance to play with overlays and many different fabric prints and options. Make it super slouchy or super structured depending on your interfacing and you have a different bag every time!

S&S Tote - Beginner Bag Patterns that aren't Boring! - The Little Bird Designs

Another favourite from Andrie Designs is the S&S Tote. This pattern has options for 4 different sizes plus you use whatever interfacing you have on hand! The only hardware you need is a magnetic snap and a zipper! She walks you through the gusset wonderfully and it falls in place easily even if it’s your first time! I have written up a few tutorials for this pattern too if you want to step us your game and get a little adventurous!

If you are new in this bag making world, I hope that these patterns have inspired you to hop in and try something new! Which one is your fave? I will always make a Stand Up Tote by default because it is such a fun make!

What beginner patterns do you want me to share next?

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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