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Baby Shoes, Momma Shoes and Happy Little Feet!

Last month I made shoes and then I hurt myself so couldn’t open up orders for them because I was resting my back! Well the past few weeks I have been getting back into the sewing groove! Today I set to make up all the tester pairs of shoes so you all could see the styles I have and I could see how the sizing works! Each pattern was purchase from my favourite site: I Think Sew! She has just about everything you could imagine to make!

The first person to message me after I made my Little Bird pair is getting a matching pair to mine! I absolutely love everything about them, the fabric the style and the super cute tiny-ness of them! Plus they made for awesome photos next to mine! The baby ones still need buttons but I haven’t decided yet which ones I want to use.

Momma Daphne and Baby Dakota Shoes by The Little Bird Designs

Momma Daphne & Baby Dakota Shoes, don’t they make a cute set! Too bad the baby ones are being shipped off to cute little toes this week!

The next few I made were just to test out the styles and of course I love them too! These ones are the Woman’s Kimono and Peggy Kimono kids shoes. These ones are great because the slip on easy because of the cross over but they also stay on nicely as well! Added bonus: for those chubby kids feet these are less constricting to those little feet! They can also be made in more boyish colours if you choose and will still look great!

Momma and Child Kimono Shoes by The Little Bird Designs

Momma & Child Kimono Shoes, these also come as baby shoes too so the whole family can have a matching set!

These next little ones are little baby ones that are heading to my sister  and her niece! My nephew and his cousin are just over a week apart so it was the perfect chance to make little baby shoes. It also gave me the opportunity to make them for a little boy and show you that they certainly can be worn by any gender! I’m hoping I can find little wrench or screwdriver buttons to sew on!

Kimono and Dakota baby shoes by The Little Bird Designs

Baby Kimono Shoes and Dakota Baby Shoes, proving that in a boyish fabric even your little men can wear this style!

I’m super pumped with how these all turned out and cannot wait to see them on some little feet! I’m not sure just yet who will be getting the Kimono shoes so any friends/family reading, stay tuned, it could be you 😉


Let me guess you want some of your own right? Well because these are custom to sizing and styles each pair is custom ordered. Each inner sole has a fleece lining under the cotton to give a little cushion to your step. For the sole you have 2 options: Non Slip Slipper soles (that polka dot grip stuff!) or Faux Suede. I was originally going to offer leather soles but for babies/kids it’s not practical because it can’t go in the wash. Plus the Faux Suede is also vegetarian/vegan friendly and still gives you the non-slip grip that leather would too!

Here is a breakdown of what each pair costs:

Adult Shoes: Daphne or Kimono- $25 for non-slip soles $35 for Faux Suede Soles
Kids Shoes: Peggy Kimono- $15 for non-slip soles $25 for Faux Suede Soles
Baby Shoes: Dakota or Michi Kimono-$15 for non-slip soles $20 for Faux Suede Soles

Non-slip soles are temporarily out of stock until I can find a better supplier!

Currently turn around for ordering these shoes is between 2-3 weeks. Rush orders can be made but a $3 charge will be added to your order! Shipping varies depending on where you are located but it will never go over $10 for Canada/US or $12 International. Most colours/patterns can be accommodated however extra time may be needed for very specific requests! When you are ready to order, hit that happy little Contact button above and send me what you would like!


Just think the Holidays are fast approaching and so is the cooler weather. These would be so cozy in fleece of fuzzy flannel! I can’t wait to start making more!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix