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Angry Birds Piggie Backpack

Every once and a while, I design a new children item and my Little Man gets the prototype. This time it’s an Angry Birds backpack! Each year we go through 1-3 of those cheap $10 character backpacks because they just don’t stand up to the usual abuse kids give them, not to mention those awful mesh cup pockets- they always get holes! This year we’ve gone through 2 bags. The first one had an entire plastic from that ended up cracking throughout the winter and the zipper pull falling off. We shouldn’t have to worry anymore!

Sitting in my fabric stash was this fun Angry Birds Pigs decor weight fabric we got on mega sale at Fabricland! (Seriously, I think I bought all they had left!) Little man already has curtains made out of it but he’s been asking for a backpack as well! Using the plastic-front bag as a template, I went to work to draft up a pattern to make this guy!

Handmade angry birds backpack by The Little Bird Designs

The Front of this bag has some thick heavy interfacing between the layers to keep that boxy shape along with stability once it’s filled with books and his lunch bag. That bright orange canvas like fabric is actually and outdoor fabric that is plastic AND waterproof! Perfect for the spring rain and easy clean up! (Downside- I had to *very* carefully iron it or it melted!)

Handmade angry birds backpack made by The Little Bird Designs   Handmade angry birds backpack made by The Little Bird Designs   Handmade angry birds backpack made by The Little Bird Designs

For the outer bottle pocket, I reused the fold-over elastic from the old bag because it was still in great shape, only this pocket won’t get holes! On the backside, I used some batting between the layers and quilted around the King Pig to give it some extra squishy-ness! I also added the batting in the straps to make them easier to carry. I got lucky for the lining of this backpack because I had *just* enough of the Angry Bird cotton left to use! I did of course add my Little Bird tag to the interior because my little dude is pretty proud of his Mom 🙂 The top zipper is actually a separating zipper that I chopped the bottom off. The plastic zippers are much easier for kids to use and don’t break the same way normal zippers do!

Little Man is pretty excited to show off his new bag at school tomorrow! He said to me “Of course I love it, it’s handmade Mom!” That kid sure makes me proud at how much he appreciates the time I put into things for him! What do you think of this durable new bag, could you see your kid (or yourself) rocking a handmade backpack?

Update: See his new backpack The Adventure Time Backpack!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix


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