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Adventure Time Backpack- Angry Birds Edition

Adventure Time Backpack -Angry Birds Edition - The Little Bird Designs

It’s finally time to share with you a NEW Adventure Time Backpack! The last one I made was 2 years ago and while it’s still going strong, it was time for a new one for our little man. I tried to make him a new one last year but he INSISTED he didn’t need a new one. He’s a proud handmade supporter so I get it!

Something looks a little different doesn’t it? This time around, I omitted the front pockets. Why? It was where notes and birthday invitations went to die 😉 The amount of things we missed last year was just too much so I skipped them altogether!

Full Backpack - The Little Bird Designs

The other thing I did a little different was make the zipper ends all one piece. I had a limited amount of the green fabric in my stash so I was determined to only use what I had.

For his backpack this year, I did a vinyl base. One of the biggest complaints with the last backpack was that everything was always getting soaked. Our winters are usually pretty wet so this is preventing that this year!

Base of Angry Birds Backpack - The Little Bird Designs

This year we also made a matching lunch bag. I’ve been struggling to find the right style for him because he’s not much of a sandwich eater. The lunch bag had to handle an abundance of containers and I think this is finally the winner! I modified the Bree’s Box Toiletry Caddy with a handle on the lid instead of front and back! I also skipped the outer pockets so garbage didn’t pile up!

Inside the bag I omitted the lining pocket but kept the one on the lid. We kept it to have a pocket for storing his ice pack. The pocket stops the ice pack from getting his lunch wet and most importantly, it never gets lost! The lining is made with RipStop Nylon making it wipe-able and machine washable. So far it’s holding up really well!

Angry Birds lunch Bacg Lining - The Little Bird Designs
White spots are from drying the rip stop! I recommend hanging to dry NOT tossing it in the dryer 😉

We are so happy with this set and his friends think it’s pretty awesome too! I’ve done a little write up of the pattern pieces I used if you want to make the backpack like I did. You have to join the Andrie Designs Facebook Group to get it though! I’ve also written up a little tutorial for the lid handle and that tutorial will be coming to Andrie Designs very soon!

Making this set is a ton of work but knowing that I don’t have to buy multiple backpacks every year makes all the stress and fabric worth it! Does your kiddo(s) have a handmade backpack? I highly recommend you try this pattern out if you are feeling Adventurous 😉

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix

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