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A Manly Wool Wallet

For my husbands birthday I like to make him things because he’s one of those rare guys who actually appreciates handmade! It probably helps that hes artsy and paints! This year I was a little stumped and again ran to my Pinterest page and looked for ideas! This PIN is on “My Year of Pinterest” board so we can check another one off my list!

The pattern is by Noodlehead and is for a little boys wallet! Rather than use suiting fabric like she did, I used the Melin Tregwynt wool that Annie from Studio Luma gave me!

Handmade wool and leather mens wallet

The little pocket at the front holds the awesome guitar pick I bought him from beadsoul and is made out of leather!

Handmade wool and leather mens wallet

The inside is made out of cotton so it will still be thin when stuffed with cards. That little ID pocket was a bit of an adventure but I did it and am so happy too because it wouldn’t have looked the same without it! I do have to tweak the pattern a tiny little bit because it was a wallet intended for kids is is a little small. I’m going to add about an inch to the sides so that ID slot fits a little nicer! My husband loved it and filled it right away with all his cards and cash!

What do you think of this wallet? I will be doing more just like if for my shop soon, in manly colours and cottons too! Plus if I can get my hands on some vintage suits, they’ll be made out of that too!

I’ve got 3 more things to release this week/weekend then I will be launching all these items in my shop in the coming weeks! Can you guess what the next items are?

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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