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6 Businesses to follow for Entrepreneurs!

6 Businesses to follow for Entrepreneurs! - The Little Bird Designs

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As someone who works from home on multiple businesses and projects, I am often asked not only HOW I do it all but how I learned to do it all myself! I didn’t learn this overnight and I still don’t have it perfected but I am always working towards a better system. In the spirit of helping fellow small businesses and entrepreneurs, I am going to share with you the people who not only inspire me to grow but who have helped me get to where I am today! So if you are a struggling small business looking to get things on track, this post is for you!

Alyssa Coleman - The Little Bird Designs

Alyssa Coleman

Alyssa is the productivity queen. I’m not even lying when I say that! She has some of the best of the best systems to not only keep you organized but on track too! Her calendar system has changed my life and it was so simple to set up! Alyssa pops into her Facebook group- Free Spirited Babes, regularly to do live videos to answer those questions that just need to be said rather than typed. She’s a kind soul but also so incredibly knowledgeable in what she’s teaching. Check out her blog or book a call with her to get your productivity on track!

Ivory Mix - The Little Bird Designs

Ivory Mix

Kayla is by far my top inspiration for business. I have learnt more from her in the past few years than anyone else. You all know I am OBSESSED with her stock photos but Ivory Mix is so much more! Her site has photography tips, Instagram tips and even branding advice. She has a multitude of courses to choose from though I will say that her Pinterest course has been the biggest fave of mine. If you use Pinterest just for fun, she will show you how it can help your business and make you money too! Kayla is always quick to answer emails questions and always interacts with her community. She’s also hilarious which always makes business so much more fun!

Allison Lindstrom - The Little Bird Designs

Allison Lindstrom

If you are a blogger, Allison needs to be your go to gal! She literally has every resource to help you grow your blog. Her courses and videos have helped me refocus how I view my blog as a business and not just for fun. She’s a family woman and so fun to watch. She has courses and videos on YouTube so you have got to check her out!

Rising Tide Society - The Little Bird Designs

Rising Tide Society

Most creatives know who the Rising Tide Society is but if you don’t, you do now 😉 This business is solely built on helping creative small businesses and entrepreneurs. They have resources and tips for everything from legal, photography and general business running. Each month they have a different resource that gets emailed to help you in business. The Rising Tide Society has a monthly get together called Tuesdays Together, if you have a chapter near you, check it out to meet with fellow businesses like yourself!

XO Sarah - The Little Bird Designs

XO Sarah

XO Sarah is an incredible wealth of knowledge with it comes to blogging and email marketing. She’s the one that got me hooked on Convertkit for emails and how to write them. She has a wicked membership site where she puts on monthly webinars and occasionally she hosts free webinars too! What I love the most about Sarah is her no BS approach and she says what is sometimes hard to hear but it makes her so easy to follow along in videos! She’s also an aerialist and an overall wicked awesome person to follow!

I Heart Planners - The Little Bird Designs

I heart Planners

The team at I Heart Planners create the greatest resources on organization and printables to go along with it too! They have organizational tips for everything from business to home, even chore charts for kids! The best part about their printables is that they come in a few sizes to help fit in whatever planner you use! The now also have their own planner system that is disk bound. They regularly share their tips on Instagram stories so you can see the printables in action and that even they slack on their planning too 😉

What I love most is these businesses are run by real people that actually interact with their communities and ANSWER DMs/emails. They aren’t just in it for the sales but are genuinely excited to see their readers/followers grow. All have free resources so you never feel pressured to take their paid course! (though the paid courses are 100% worth it!) There’s more to them then just “buy this” and they don’t have instant “make millions ” schemes that leave you disappointed.

As a small business owner, I know it is hard to find reliable people to follow to help you grow and stay productive. I hope these people will help you too. Like I said earlier, I’m always growing so I am positive I will find more resources to share! If you have any specific questions about the businesses listed, please reach out to me and I can give you real life input. Also if you have someone that you love to follow that has helped your business, please let me know! I love getting to know more people!

Aimee Stock Photos from Ivory Mix
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