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5 Handmade Items I CANNOT Live Without!

Having a handmade business myself means that I put a high priority on handmade items over those that are store bought. Everyone has their go to items they use or wear everyday, mine just happen to be handmade! Today I’m sharing with you the handmade items I CANNOT live without!

  1. Bow Cuffs from Lizzi and John of Forgotten Cotton– My bow cuffs are my absolute staple accessory! They’re the perfect pop of colour, the black works great with my work outfit and they are SO COMFORTABLE! I don’t know how they keep the snap so smooth but they don’t bother a single hair on my very hairy arms 😉 Bonus? I’ve been using them to hold my bobby pins during updos at work! Who doesn’t love double uses!
  2. Greeting Cards by Queenie of queeniescards– Birthdays, anniversaries and events happen a lot in my family, I am the oldest of 5, so cards are always needed! Queenie’s cards are unique, hilarious and the perfect size! My little man even has one of her clever calculator prints. Whenever I need a card, hers are the first I run too!
  3. Cat Eye Mask by Andrea of Aren’t You Fancy– When I first bought this sleep mask, I never though I’d use it as often as I do. It sat in my sewing room for a little while. One night when I was seriously exhausted, my husband reminded me that I had it -> LIFESASVER! I have some anxiety about sleeping alone and because of this, I fall asleep every night on the couch with my husband as he stays up watching TV. (He’s a night owl!) Thanks to this sleep mask, I can now fall asleep distraction free and let me tell you, the pure darkness knocks me right out! Plus who doesn’t love those little kitty ears? This cat lady does!
  4. Charm Cluster Necklace Set from Annie of Studio Luma– My gorgeous go to jewellery is a beautiful set that I bought from Annie while I was watching her jewellery when she was in Panama. This set is the perfect pop of colour for my day job uniform of all black. The set is also the perfect shade of pink that I can wear with just about anything. The earrings are so light I forget that they are in. Bonus? All sterling silver so no skin discolouring!
  5. Hair-ties from Story, Daughter of Clippo– I have SUPER THICK hair and LOTS of it! Most times my standard hair ties don’t last long or lose their stretch quickly! When I saw that Alex’s daughter was making these hair ties I HAD to have them! Not only are they the perfect stretch but they don’t kink my hair! Story is saving up the profits and donating 10% to a charity of her choice! Coolest 8 yr old I know!

Want some AWESOME news? I’ve got 2, yes 2 coupon codes just for YOU, my readers! Queenie has offered 25% off orders, how awesome is that? Just use the code QBIRD at checkout on her SITE and you’ll save today until Sept 30th! Lizzi is offering 15% off orders of $20 or more when you use the code LBD15 in their SHOP until Sept 15th! I have the greatest creative friends!

Handmade that I cannot live without

Every month I am finding handmade creations that I fall in love with so maybe I’ll add more to this one day! What are the top things you can’t live without and are any of them handmade?

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